Parents should always be aware of hazards and risks around their homes. Hazards and risks can cause bodily injury or even death to Children. Examples of Accidents that might cause injury or death to children at home are.


A child can fall if they are wearing loose pants. Children also have a tendency of climbing over low lying surfaces such as tables. Others will fall on staircases or over wet floors. These accidents can be avoided by ensuring kids are attended to at all times. Parents should always get rid of objects that are lying one the floor that can cause a child to fall.

Ensuring children's clothes are tight and that pants do not drag on the ground will also prevent them from tripping and falling. The back side of the sofa should also be adjacent to a wall to minimize the risk of a child falling. Parents can also fit staircases with carpets to cushion children in the event of a fall as well as keeping them in a safe location when cleaning floors.

Choking and suffocation

Choking can occur when a child tries to swallows an item such as a marble or eating food portions that are large in size. Suffocation to a child can occur in the following instances; when the child covers their head with a thick blanket for some period of time, when the child sleeps with their head facing downwards or when they cover their head with a plastic bag.

It can also occur by drawing in a tub or swimming pool. These accidents can be avoided by ensuring sleeping blankets are thin so as to allow air though. A child's face should also never be covered when they are sleeping. Parents should also get rid of items that can be easily swallowed such as marbles. The child should always sleep with their head facing upwards or sideways.

Parents should never allow a child that is very young to sleep with the aid of a pillow. It is also advisable to dispose plastic bags after use and to always be present when the child is in the bath tab or at a pool. Parents should also ensure the child eats foods that are small in size and ensure they take few sips at a time when consuming liquids.

Burns and poisoning

Such accidents are caused because children are curious or hungry. Burns can occur when a child tries to reach for a hot cooking pan. Hot items in the pan will burn the child's body especially the face. A child can also touch a hot iron when it is on the ironing table by pooling its cord. Children also have a tendency of eating items that tend to look edible such as medicine. Accidents such as these can be prevented by keeping the children away from the kitchen and the ironing area. Buying baby walkers is also important as well as keeping medicine out of their reach.

Other accidents can be prevented by ensuring that wooden cabinets are stable, making sure there is little spaces in between the rails of staircases and getting rid of sharp-edged objects.

Vaccinating pets such as cats and dogs and keeping pets that might be potentially dangerous away from children is also important. Parents should also fix doors that bang and ensure children have a safe playing area such as an empty room or hallway. Parents are also advised to inspect the house for any item that can cause injury to a child and to try and predict where an accident that might cause injury to a child might occur.