Jared Padalecki started his career at a young age and has played many roles on TV shows and movies throughout his life. Since he has not always been Sam Winchester (do not be too shocked), he has played a variety of characters. Here is a ranking of Jared's roles in his career.

5. A Christmas Cottage

Although this movie was not a box office hit, it still made the audience weep as they witnessed a sad yet beautiful story unwrap. He plays the role of Thomas Kinkade who returns to his hometown for Christmas. Instead of the perfect Christmas holiday, he discovers his mother is about to lose her home.

Although Kinkade tries to find a job to help with the loan payments, it is his ailing mentor, played by Peter O'Toole, that saves Christmas in the end.

4. House of Wax

In the remake of the "Mystery of the Wax Museum," Jared plays the sweetheart boyfriend of the main character. His character is the first one to die, and it's a very brutal death since he was covered in wax while still being alive. If Supernatural fans were really attentive during the show (and I mean really attentive) the movie was referenced in the episode "Fallen Idols" by Dean (the episode where Dean gets mauled by Paris Hilton).

3. Friday the 13th

In the 12th installment of the "Friday the 13th" franchise, Jared Padalecki plays Clay Miller.

The young hero that resembles Sam Winchester in many ways was in search of his lost sister that was kidnapped by the infamous killer, Jason. In an unpredictable turn of events, the serial killer murders all the campers beside Clay and his sister, Whitney, as they manage to save themselves in the most dramatic way possible. However, what distinguished this movie from all the others was the plot twist of Jason appearing in the very last seconds, bursting out of a wooden dock while grabbing Whitney to her presumable death.

2. Gilmore Girls

Fans will never get tired of joking about Jared's first role: Dean Forester. This was his first important role in television that actually jump-started his career. He played Rory Gilmore's first boyfriend. He was her first kiss and the first person that she ever loved. Although they took separate paths in the end due to their differences, his reappearance in the revival revealed that they still remained on good terms.

Although we will never forget the moment when he built her a car on their three-month anniversary.

Before we reveal our first place winner, I would like to say some "honorable mentions" such as: Cry Wolf, Room 401, and a really minor role in ER (which was really great).

1. Supernatural...ta-dah!

I know that everybody must be surprised as this ranking was not leading up to this at all. Possessed, tortured, and scarred are words that describe Sam Winchester while hero is another one. The hunting life took him apart thread-by-thread, and tried every fiber of his essence. However, this demon-blooded angel took it upon himself to destroy monsters, Lucifer, and the evil roaming on Earth. He never stopped fighting, and even when he felt invisible in the eyes of God, the Light found him. Sam Winchester promised his brother the day before he went to Hell that everything would be okay, and when he came back, he made sure everything would was.