Have you noticed that some of your family members, friends and co-workers are always sick? Do you wonder why they are sick almost all the time but you are not? While sickness is real, there are several reasons some people experience it more than others.

Focusing on being sick

Individuals become sick if they often focus on being sick. Those who talk about being sick will eventually become sick. They love giving a detailed medical report when people greet them with the question, "How are you?"

Many who often get sick are those who personalize their illnesses.

In other words, they own what's ailing them. They say, "My sinuses are acting up" or "This is the time of year for my allergies to come."

Some folks stay sick because they expect to be sick. They stock up on whatever Medicine is on sale in the drugstore whether they are sick at the time or not. Then they program themselves to be sick just so they can use the medicine they bought to keep from wasting their money. Also, those who complain a lot get sick more often than positive people.

It would be wise to stop talking about and focusing on being sick. It might be hard to believe, but some individuals seem to take pride in being sick. This is evident because when they hear that someone else is sick, they try to top it by reporting on a more serious illness.

Theories of those who are healthy

You have probably heard it said that laughter is the best medicine. Experts say a good belly laugh can give a person the same feeling as jogging. Laughter releases endorphins which causes a person to be resistance to illnesses.

Another theory is that people who own pets don't get as sick as often as those who don't own one.

Just petting a dog or cat can bring a person's high blood pressure down. Just watching a fish swim in a tank can be a positive act.

People who complain a lot get sick more often than people who don't get sick. In other words, depressed and complaining people are often sick people.

Healthy people have a habit of getting enough sleep.

They don't stay up late watching television or playing games on the computer. Unlike sick people, they don't complain the next day about having a headache.

People who the habit of reading something every day tend to be a lot healthier than those who never read, complete a crossword puzzle or enjoy word games. Keeping the mind sharp also helps the body to stay in shape. Speaking of reading, it would help if people would read their Bible on a daily basis even if it is just one scripture each day.

People who almost never get sick are those who meditate often even if it is just for a few minutes each day. When people meditate, they take their mind off of themselves and focus on something more positive.

Healthy people journal about positive things. People who write something every day tend to stay well, even if it is something as simple as doodling.