Abuse is defined as regular or repeated mistreatment of people or animals when cruelty or violence is imposed upon them. All forms are illegal. However, some forms are harder to prove than others. abuse is usually imposed on children, women, the elderly, or those who are helpless. Men can be abused also.


Physical Abuse is the most common type and the easiest to prove because there is usually plenty of evidence. The proof might include broken bones, swollen eyes, split lips or bruises all over the body. It can start out with something small like pulling someone's hair, pushing or kicking.

Then, something more serious can happen to the victim like punching or choking. It can elevate to murder if the physical abuse is not stopped in time.


Sexual abuse is not limited to women and children because it happens to men also. This occurs when the abuser forces someone to engage in a sexual act of any kind. It can be something as simple as unwanted touching or sexual contact. It is sad to say that this can happen in marriages.

Mental, emotional, and psychological

Mental, emotional and psychological abuse are usually grouped together. They all deal with controlling, hurting or demeaning someone by using words. There could be threats, yelling, humiliating, and putting down another either privately or publicly.

Giving someone the silent treatment can also be a form of emotional abuse.


Verbal abuse is simply hurting someone's feelings by making fun of them, especially in public. Words and acts are used for emotional and psychological abuse. However, verbal abuse takes place when only words are used to intimidate, humiliate, or hurt someone.

Name-calling and criticism are examples.

Financial and economic

Financial and economic abuse are linked together to describe the misuse of someone else's financial resources without that person's permission. It occurs when a caregiver handles the finances of an elderly person and takes money for his or her own use.


Identity abuse occurs when someone talks about another's character in a hurtful manner.

For example, when a husband keeps reminding his overweight wife how bad she looks. The wife could talk about her husband going bald. Whenever someone keeps bringing up a personal characteristic or a character flaw to hurt or to demean another, identity abuse takes place.

Spiritual abuse

Spiritual Abuse happens when a person makes fun of or attacks another person's religion or spiritual development. It also occurs when a person uses religion to control someone. That happens when pastors force people to do something in the name of religion. It also happens in cases of individuals forced to participate in a cult.

There are support groups and there is help available for victims of some forms of abuse. For other forms, the victims may suffer in silence.