It's been three months since "Bachelor in Paradise" stars Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray announced their split and if you think the bad blood between them is over, think again. Although they were fairly pleasant to each other when they confirmed the split — even going so far as to get together for a little post-split PDA last month — Amanda is now speaking out about their relationship and it's ugly.

Stanton, a single mom with two young daughters, revealed last month that she is writing a book and you can bet that it will be right up there with Andi Dorfman's memoir that included some rather scathing comments about her failed relationship with Josh Murray.

And if you can't wait for Amanda's book, one look at her Twitter account will give you an idea of how the chapters about her ex will go.

Amanda bashes Josh on Twitter, her friends chime in

If you don't follow Amanda or her "Paradise" pals the Ferguson twins (Emily and Haley) on Twitter, you need to do that right now. Blogger Reality Steve gave the heads up this weekend when the trio was tweeting about Josh Murray and, for the most part, fans were really supportive of Amanda's questionable relationship with Josh.

Although some fans questioned why Amanda didn't listen to her friends while she was filming "Paradise," most people know that if you're falling in love it's easy to block out the negative comments about the person you're fixated on.

Add to that being in front of producers who want a love story for viewers and there's a whole lotta' pressure on a couple to have a relationship that they probably wouldn't have started in the normal world.

'Everyone warned me'

Amanda explained how things went from bad to worse during a recent interview with E!

Although she didn't say much after their breakup, an incident at the home she shares with her daughters forced her to break her silence about her relationship with Josh.

"He’s the worst. Everybody warned me," Amanda told E! News. She then went on to explain that Josh had a woman who works for his AdvoCare business pose as his "assistant" and come to Amanda's home to take back the car he bought her when they were dating.

Amanda claims that the woman brought the police with her and demanded the car, an Audi Q5 , and the keys. Apparently Josh couldn't do that on his own, perhaps because he's still trying to keep a good image, one that has been badly tarnished by both of his ex-fiancees, Andi Dorfman and Amanda Stanton.

Amanda claims that Josh bought her the car because he was "jealous" that her other car was purchased by her ex-husband, the father of her two daughters. Josh asked Amanda to pay him for the car or give back the keys after the broke up but she didn't have $30,000 to cough up, so he reportedly went the route of having someone other than himself try to get the car away from Amanda.

Apparently, the drama doesn't stop when cameras stop rolling — Amanda and Josh's so-called love story and ugly breakup continues on Twitter and will probably play out in depth in Amanda's upcoming book.