During a visit to an exhibition of defense-related military equipment, Kim Jong-un said he wants to ensure the safety of his country from the hostile policies of America. There was a range of weapons on display at the exhibition. These included a variety of missiles. On the show were new hypersonic and anti-aircraft missiles developed by the hermit kingdom. This display could be a strategy to return to the world stage. Kim was in the news when Donald Trump was in the chair, but situations have changed. Incidentally, South Korea had recently tested its submarine-launched weapon.

The South is another power in the Korean peninsula. It also probably wants to reveal its readiness to face challenges.

Kim Jong-un gave a speech at the Self-Defence 2021 exhibition. Its venue was Pyongyang, the capital of the North. In his address, he mentioned the military build-up in the South. He said: "We are not discussing war with anyone, but rather to prevent war itself and to literally increase war deterrence for the protection of national sovereignty." In October 2020, Kim Jong-un shed tears for his people during a military parade.

On display was an array of military hardware

The leader of North Korea accused the United States of stoking tension between the two Koreas. There was a variety of military hardware on display at the exhibition, including tanks.

Kim Jong-un said there was no reason to believe that the U.S. was not hostile. The present administration of President Joe Biden has repeatedly indicated its willingness to continue talks with North Korea. For that to happen, Pyongyang must abandon its nuclear weapons. However, that is not acceptable to Pyongyang. As far back as August 2017, the North was against the military exercises held by the United States and South Korea.

It views such drills as preparations for an invasion, but Seoul assures them that they are routine exercises with no ulterior motives.

The military might of the North was not directed towards South Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un conducted a review of his military arsenal. It consists of powerful missiles that could launch nuclear strikes on the U.S.

mainland. He wants to build an "invincible" military capable of coping with persistent U.S. hostility. Observers feel Pyongyang wants to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul. Kim made it clear that he did not intend to pit the Korean people against each other. He describes the United States as a "source" of instability on the Korean Peninsul

Kim wants a military capability no one can dare challenge

The exhibition was meant to mark the 76th birthday of the ruling Workers' Party. It was the first of its kind since Kim took over power in late 2011. It showcased missiles mounted on trucks, a multiple rocket launch system, and jets flying in a formation. There was an array of newly developed weapons on display.

Some of these had already appeared in recent military parades. An army expert associated with the Hannam University in South Korea says: "Basically, North Korea wants to send this message: 'We'll continue to develop new weapons and arm ourselves with nuclear force, so don't slap sanctions with these as we can't agree on the double standards.'" Authorities in South Korea and the U.S. intelligence are analyzing the situation but did not elaborate. In 2017, the North conducted ICBM tests and claimed its ability to attack the U.S. mainland with nuclear missiles. Subsequently, in 2018, Kim imposed a moratorium on long-range missile tests that targeted the American homeland. It was an indication that he wanted to keep alive chances for future talks with Washington.