North Korea held a military parade to mark an important day in its history where its leader Kim Jong-un shed tears. He took the blame for the hardships his people had to go through this year. The occasion was the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Workers' Party of Korea. This party has ruled the country until now. In his speech, Kim Jong-un extended thanks to his countrymen for the way they overcame a number of disasters like storms and the pandemic.

During the speech, he did not refer to the United States. Kim Jong-un had met the US president three times at different venues to discuss the denuclearization of the peninsula.

However, while the first meeting in Singapore held hopes of a solution, the one in Hanoi was a terrible letdown. The two leaders were not able to arrive at a workable formula. It was a clash of priorities - Kim Jong-un wanted a relaxation of sanctions first, but Trump wanted denuclearization first.

CNN describes the parade. It displayed advanced military hardware. One of these was a ballistic missile that could lay claim to being the largest on the planet. The aerial display included fighter jets while soldiers marched in perfect unison on the street. North Korea has made rapid advances in its nuclear abilities. Kim Jong-un has developed a personal relationship with Donald Trump and is mending fences with China, its ally.

However, Kim Jong-un feels he has not been able to improve the lives of his people. Hence, he apologized to his people, became emotional, and shed tears.

Nuclear weapons are the driving force for Kim Jong-un

The leader of North Korea is young, and he interacts with his people. He wants the world to accept his country as a nuclear power.

He does not mind admitting his failures about the launch of satellites or his economic agenda. These have helped to build his image as a modern and agile diplomat. However, becoming emotional and shedding tears in public were something new. CNN goes on to add that in the opinion of a professor versed in international relations - "It's a political style.

It's a kind of populism to connect with his public -- to show them how deeply he feels they're suffering, that he cares."

Kim Jong-un feels missiles are his strength

The nuclear programs of North Korea have led to the imposition of sanctions. That has given rise to an economic imbalance and consequent failure of the regime to improve people's living standards. Kim Jong-un justified his nuclear activities to ensure safety from outside forces, but ultimately the people suffer. CNN adds that the range of weapons displayed on occasion proved that Pyongyang had gone ahead with its plans to develop advanced weaponry. One of these was a submarine-launched ballistic missile propelled by solid-fuel. Kim Jong-un has reduced weapons testing because that could provoke Washington but has not suspended the development of weapons as a missile expert says - "Never underestimate North Korea.

They are continually working to increase their defensive capability." US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo confirmed that Kim Jong-un had not tested a single long-range ballistic missile since meeting with Trump.

The policies of Kim Jong-un

According to News AU, the US-backed sanctions and global pandemic and natural disasters have affected the North Koreans. These could lead to a famine similar to one of the 1990s that killed nearly 2.5 million. Kim Jong-un wept at a military parade and expressed his apologies to his people. An independent expert revealed to the United Nations this week about the ground realities where many families do not get enough food. In the opinion of experts, this is a direct fallout of the policies of Kim Jong-un. He assigns priority to missiles and weaponry. In April, there were rumors about the ill health of Kim Jong-un, but South Korea confirmed he was not in any danger and was safe.