North Korea wants to make a point to the global community. It is back to the missile days and launched a projectile presumed to be a short-range missile. The target was the waters off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula. Officials of South Korea confirmed this and said it was "maintaining a readiness posture" for potential "additional launches." Intelligence authorities of the South are analyzing the situation along with the United States. The U.S. military assures there is no threat now to U.S. personnel or territory or its allies. However, the action of the North is an indication of the destabilizing impact of its weapons program.

Kim Song is the representative of North Korea in the United Nations. While addressing the UN General Assembly in New York, he talked about the divide between the two Koreas. He also criticized the presence of the U.S. in the region. He said: "Inter-Korean relations have never come out of the shadow of U.S. interference and obstruction." Recently, North Korea tested its new long-range cruise missile to reactivate its nuclear weapon program.

Third missile test this month for North Korea

Pyongyang tested a long-range cruise missile on September 11 and 12, followed by one on September 16. The latest one, if confirmed, would be its third this month. International law bans the country from testing ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

It is already under sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. Top North Korean official indicated the possibility of restarting the joint liaison office. North Korea destroyed it last June, and the proposal comes from Kim Yo-jong, sister of leader Kim Jong-un. The Unification Ministry of South Korea welcomed the initiative.

There is no official response from the presidential Blue House.

The U.S. repeatedly condemned missile launches of the North

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, Kim Song hurled accusations against the United States. He talked on the subject of U.S. military exercises in the region. He also said Pyongyang would respond to friendly overtures from Washington.

America has repeatedly condemned the missile launches of North Korea. On September 15, an official of the State Department called for a diplomatic approach to the issue. He is Ned Price. He confirmed that it is important to reduce the United States and its allies in the region. A diplomatic approach will pay dividends.

North Korea is under sanctions due to its nuclear and missile tests

During the tenure of former President Donald Trump, there were summits on denuclearization. The two leaders Trump and Kim, held one-to-one talks at neutral venues Singapore and Hanoi. The world expected a positive outcome, but it fizzled out over priorities. The North insisted on sanction relief, but Washington assigned importance to denuclearization in the peninsula.

When President Joe Biden took over, he initiated a review of the country’s policy on the hermit kingdom in January. Washington went to the extent of saying it is ready to hold talks with Pyongyang anywhere at any time and that there will be no “grand bargain.” Right now, the North is back in the news because of launching a suspected ballistic missile into the sea. Kim Song, North Korea’s UN envoy, justified the action. He said his country did it because of the “hostile” policies directed against it.