The virus that originated in China has led to cancellation of many festivals. Organizers are helpless because the disease has given rise to a change of lifestyle. The latest addition to the list is the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich. The BBC reports this would be the second successive such cancellation attributed to concerns over Coronavirus. The contagious nature of the disease has rewritten social norms across all sections of society. Medics advise people to avoid direct contact with unknown persons, maintain social distancing from others and stay away from crowds.

As a result, cinema halls downed their shutters, stadiums closed the gates as did exhibition halls and theme parks. In order to ensure personal hygiene it became mandatory to wear facemasks and wash the hands frequently. Therefore, when the time came for an event like the Oktoberfest beer festival, the authorities in Germany decided to cancel it this year also. As Bavaria's Premier Markus Söder said: "The situation is too uncertain." There was cancellation of the cherry blossom festival in Japan last year due to coronavirus and it affected tourism.

The annual beer festival is a massive affair

Festival and crowds are inseparable. The Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich attracts millions of people who Travel from far-off places to attend the annual event.

It takes place in September and October. Munich's Mayor Dieter Reiter admitted in a new conference: "It wasn't an easy decision." The BBC adds that Bavarian Premier Söder was practical. He went on to say the concept of facemasks and social distancing would not match with the mood of festivities in the beer tents. The cancellation would mean loss of revenue.

He explained that if there were a fresh wave of infection because of the festival, it would tarnish its image. In 2019, the Oktoberfest beer festival saw nearly 6 million beer lovers attend.

This will be the 26th cancellation for the 200-year old festival

The Oktoberfest beer festival began in 1809 and the first cancellation happened after four years in 1813.

It was the result of the fight with Napoleon. The BBC goes on to add that subsequent cancellations were due to factors like wars, inflation and cholera. The cancellation this year would be the 26th. Last year, there was no official event because of the virus but a section of locals attended the city's breweries in traditional clothes. Germany is cautious about the spread of infection. It has already introduced a new law pertaining to lockdown in response to a third wave of infections. These empower the federal government to impose an overnight curfew and shut schools in places that witness abnormally high rates of infection. In June last year, coronavirus forced the cancellation Appleby Horse Fair.

Coronavirus ruins the Oktoberfest beer festival

According to Sky News, the annual Oktoberfest celebration in Bavaria stand cancelled for the second consecutive year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Officials explained that there are too many risks in attracting tourists and allowing crowds to gather against the high infection numbers in Germany. They have taken the decision well in advance before preparations begin. The festival sees millions of footfalls and they come from different parts of the world to enjoy drinking in the beer halls and tents. It is an unforgettable experience that those who love beer cherish. Right now, Germany is under lockdown with bans. There are restrictions on the movement of people.

This is to ensure that the infection does not spread and endanger the lives of others. Last year, the authorities permitted small parties under strict guidelines. It is possible that something similar could be there this year also.