Those who love beer wait for the annual Oktoberfest in the German city of Munich. They Travel from far-off places and this year it is the 186th festival with expectations of around 6 million participants. Obviously, those responsible for maintaining law and order have to be on the alert. Mayor Dieter Reiter tapped the first keg in traditional style and passed on the first mug to Bavarian governor Markus Soeder. That set the tone of the festivities and, in view of the crowd, the security guards restricted entry to only those who held reservations in one of the beer tents.

Daily Mail UK reports that men and women in colorful dresses had to wait outside the gates that opened at 9 AM. Some of them had come early to ensure being one of the first in line. The organizers announced, “Dear guests, welcome to Oktoberfest. We're now opening the festival grounds.”The announcement was in three languages - German, English and Bavarian. Once the gates opened, there was a mad rush to occupy one of the wooden benches inside.

This festival is a global affair

The annual Oktoberfest in Munich is popular among beer lovers who look forward to participating in the event.

Those who come from distant places have to finalize their travel plans in advance. The organizers anticipate more than 6 million to be present to enjoy the beer this season. Authorities have beefed up the security with hundreds of police officers assisted by security guards. They have to face challenges like taking care of intoxicated visitors.

In addition, doctors are available to attend to medical problems that might arise. There is also a special security area meant for women who can find protection from harassment in case the need arises.

Daily Mail UK mentions about e-scooters.

Germany legalized them earlier this year but there is a ban on riding them in and around the Oktoberfest grounds. In order to ensure a safe environment, there are traffic controls to prevent drink driving at the end of the party.

The history of Oktoberfest

According to Global Times, the history of Oktoberfest is interesting. Its origin dates back to 1810 – the occasion was the wedding of the Bavarian royal family. In 1819, it became an event in the city of Munich. It is now one of the world's largest folk festivals and is spread across 34.5 hectares of land. There are nearly 13,000 people employed to cater to an event of this magnitude.

This year its duration will be from Sept 21 to October 6.

Visitors can enjoy not only the beer but also unique culinary delicacies of the country and a blend of traditional and modern folk music. This beer festival is in a genre of its own and its patrons are obvious die-hard fans. They do not hesitate to come over from other countries to become a part of the celebrations.