The New Year's Day message of Kim Jong-un was brief. He conveyed his thoughts through a handwritten letter. In it, he said - "I will work hard to sooner bring the new era in which the ideals and desires of our people will come true." Observers were keen to learn about the strategies that the North could employ to boost its shrinking economy. Moreover, with the possibilities of a new man at the helm of affairs in the White House, the North would have to work out a new action plan. It would require a modified approach for the incoming administration of U.S.

President-elect Joe Biden. The economy of North Korea requires a boost. The country is under economic sanctions because of its nuclear ambitions. It has to also battle against fears of the spread of coronavirus. To be on the safe side, it had blocked the movement of people from China. That had a direct effect on its economy since China was its main trade partner.

Bloomberg says Kim Jong-un might keep his rhetorical ammunition a secret and mention it in the upcoming Workers' Party Congress. Delegates have already begun to arrive in the capital, waiting for the meeting to start. Details of the meeting remain a secret, and the only thing known is that it would start in "early January."

North Korea's economy is a worry for Kim Jong-un

In an expert who advises the South Korean government, the congress will focus on a road map for the next five years.

It will cover the overall economic, military, and political blueprints of the hermit kingdom. Kim Jong-un could go in for some leadership changes against the backdrop of a sanctions-squeezed economy coupled with natural disasters and the decision to close the borders against coronavirus. Bloomberg talks about the New Year celebrations to welcome 2021.

There was a flag-raising ceremony in central Pyongyang. It included programs on singing and dancing along with a fireworks display. The state television broadcast the program. Kim paid a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of Sun mausoleum, where his father and grandfather's bodies are buried. There were speculations regarding Kim Jong-un's health in April, but the South confirmed he is safe.

The equation between Kim Jong-un and Joe Biden

North Korea's leader held three meetings with U.S. President Donald Trump to discuss the Korean peninsula's denuclearization. In January 2019, Kim Jong-un sent a New Year message to Donald Trump. However, they were not able to arrive at an acceptable solution. Joe Biden is the President-elect, but till now, Kim Jong-un has maintained a distance from him. Bloomberg adds that he touched upon his country's economic struggles under international sanctions during his speech at a military parade in October. Kim Jong-un also shed tears for his people during the parade while displaying a nuclear arsenal section.

New Year celebrations for Kim Jong-un

According to Mirror U.K., the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un marked the New Year by visiting his predecessors' tomb.

At midnight, he arrived at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. The bodies of his father and grandfather are preserved here under glass. They were the previous rulers of the country. To mark the occasion, Kim Jong-un marked a letter to the country's citizens. Normally he gives a speech on New Year, but this year, the situation is different with coronavirus and sanctions. The party crowds gathered in the main square of Pyongyang to attend a concert and fireworks show.