US president Donald Trump indicated that he would be looking forward to having a second meeting with Kim Jong-un. Trump also mentioned that he had received a “great letter” from the North Korean leader. However, the hermit kingdom has warned the US to refrain from interfering in its dealings with the South and has heaped criticism on Washington for its attitude and policies.

USA Today says Kim Jong-un sent his message via a televised New Year's Day address. He reiterated his willingness to meet Donald Trump again “anytime” but went on to add that the issue of sanctions is a matter of concern.

In case it is not resolved, his country will have to evolve some mechanism to safeguard its interests.

Gap closing between the North and the South

According to USA Today, an editorial in north korea’s state-run newspaper blames America for the strained relationship between the two Koreas. The paper goes on to add that the United States is averse to improving the inter-Korean relations. Seoul is trying to mend fences with Pyongyang even though the relationship between it and Washington continues to remain tense over the issues of denuclearization and lifting of sanctions. Already they have withdrawn guards from some posts in the demilitarized zone and are in talks to connect their railroad systems.

The North also wants to reactivate the jointly run factory in Kaesong and resume South Korean tours to the North. However, there can be no progress as long as sanctions remain in force.

Donald Trump, on his part, appears to be in no hurry for the second meeting.

While interacting with reporters at the White House, he said there has been “tremendous progress” in their relationship. Kim had agreed at the summit in Singapore about “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” but it is difficult to ascertain progress.

Observers feel Kim Jong-un is changing

ABC News feels the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s outlook has changed over the year.

That could be due to the global exposure that came his way following the Singapore summit with Donald Trump and three more with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Two of these were at the border town Panmunjom and the latest in Pyongyang. Kim wants to have another meeting with Trump. During his annual televised New Year's speech, he dropped hints that the next meeting could “produce an outcome welcomed by the international community.” He also cautioned the US against using pressure tactics.