The world was worried about Kim Jong-un, the leader of north korea. His last public appearance was on April 11 at a meeting of the ruling Workers' Party committee of policymakers. Kim Jong-un failed to appear for a major event, which was the birthday of his grandfather, who founded the country. It is the Military Foundation Day, a national holiday.

Subsequently, he underwent some health issues, and rumors began to float around. However, a state media outlet Rodong Sinmun reveals that the leader has sent a personal letter to workers on a project in the city of Wonsan.

The letter was in the form of a thank you message to builders who are engaged in a tourism project at a seaside resort. Wonsan is also the place where satellite images captured pictures of Kim’s personal train.

Daily Mail UK says there is no verification about the media report. It is also not clear whether Kim had written the letter himself or whether it was on his behalf.

However, the top foreign policy adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in confirmed Kim Jong-un was “alive and well.” It adds that he had been living in Wonsan since April 13.

The confirmation is by foreign policy adviser Chung-in Moon who confided to a section of the media – “No suspicious movements have so far been detected.”

Kim Jong-un keeps the world guessing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un had some health issues. His personal train was in the vicinity of the Wonsan holiday complex, as revealed by satellite images.

That was as on April 23. The location of the train was at a station reserved for his family. This is revealed by a website 38 North, but it remains silent on his whereabouts. This suggests he has visited the resort, and the direction of the train indicates it is preparing for departure. The leader uses his private jet to visit Wonsan, but this time he has probably opted for the train because the jet remains on the runway in Pyongyang.

South Korean broadcaster SBS reports the news.

Daily Mail UK mentions of possible complications that might have followed the heart surgery of Kim Jong-un. Some sections of the media had feared the worst. Chung-in Moon has clarified the situation and said there is nothing to worry about. North Korea is a secretive state and outsiders have to rely on whatever the state makes public. Incidentally, the health of Kim’s family is always a closely guarded secret.

Tourism hub in Wonsan visualized by Kim Jong-un

The leader of North Korea wanted a tourism hub in Wonsan.

Work on it has begun. There are nine large guesthouses and recreation center in the complex. It also boasted of other attractions like a shooting range and covered dock, probably for a yacht. At the center is a large building constructed after Kim Jong-un came to power in 2014. The presence of his personal train near Wonsan is an indication that he was there for whatever reasons.

US Senator Lindsey Graham is an influential policy adviser to President Trump. He was all praises for the way Donald Trump handled the crisis in the North Korea crisis and his decision to hold talks with Kim Jong-un on denuclearization in the Korean peninsula.

On the subject of Kim’s sudden unexplained absence, a senior Pentagon official clarified that the US intelligence did not come across signs of unusual military activity in the country.

Kim Jong-un has a special bond with US President Donald Trump. President downplayed reports related to the ill health of Kim on April 23.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un not seen in public

According to Al Jazeera, South Korea is confident that Kim Jong-un is not in any danger. An official of the South, who oversees engagement with the North, said there was nothing unusual happening across the border. The media in South Korea reported last week that the absence of Kim Jong-un from the public could be due to genuine reasons.

Moon Chung-in, the top foreign policy adviser to South Korean President Moon Jae-in, said - "Our government position is firm. Kim Jong Un is alive and well. He has been staying in the Wonsan area since April 13. No suspicious movements have so far been detected." In 2014, he had vanished from state media for more than a month. When he came back, he was walking with a limp.