Unlike the first debate, where there was lots of arguing, interrupting and shouting over each other, the second, and final debate was much more professional with both candidates allowing each other to talk for the most part. Part of this was due to the fact that for each opening two minutes of each question, the other candidate's microphone was muted to allow the other to speak without interruption. Here is what came out of the debate.


With the Coronavirus still being pretty much spread around the country, COVID was a huge topic, as with the first debate.

President Trump stated that the mortality rate was down 85 percent and that the reason America's numbers were so high was that more people were being tested than in any other country in the world. He also said that leaders of other countries have congratulated him on how he's handled the pandemic in the United States.

Former Vice President Joe Biden said that he expects another 200,000 people to die from the virus. Biden said that, if he's elected President, he will strongly encourage people to wear masks.

Trump touted, during the debate, that a vaccine would be coming within weeks despite others saying it won't be coming until well into 2021. Trump also talked about how he learned a lot from having the virus, himself, and that his youngest son Barron also tested positive.

The candidates went back and forth about whether the country should be open (Trump) or locked down (Biden). Trump reiterated that the virus was China's fault and Biden called him xenophobic. As with the first debate, Biden mentioned that Trump knew about the virus back in January but didn't tell the American people because he didn't want them to panic.

National Security

There have been reports that countries like China and Iran have been interfering in the election. Biden stated that, if he's elected, any country that interferes in the American election will pay a price.

Trump said that the election interference was against him and touted the strong sanctions that he's put on China, Iran, and Russia.

While talking about national security, the topic of money and taxes came up. We know that both candidates have been accused, by the other, of outlaw business dealings. Biden said he has never gotten money from a foreign country while Trump said his Chinese bank account was closed in 2015 for business purposes.

Health care

In the United States, there are about 180 million people with private health care insurance. As there are people who can't afford private insurance, Biden said he would lower the cost, saying that everyone has the right to affordable healthcare.

Biden mentioned how his health care plan would cost $750 billion over 10 years and that, while he believes he will make a change, Trump has done nothing.

Stimulus package

With Coronavirus affecting the economy in such a huge way, many people have been left without work and income. In fact, according to moderator Kristen Welker, eight million people have still went into poverty.

Congress, as well as the federal government, has floated a stimulus package that would give Americans $1200, although, it has yet to be doled out. Trump blamed Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for the delay in delivering it to the American people.

With regard to money, Biden wants a federal minimum wage while Trump said it should be left up to each individual state to determine the minimum wage.


Trump said that no one has done more for the black community than he has and that he was the least racist person in the room.

Biden responded that Trump was the most racist President in history.

Biden said that nobody should go to jail for drug offenses, they should get treatment, instead. This prompted Trump to ask why Biden didn't come up with this when he was Vice President or in the Senate.

Climate change

According to the President, America has the lowest number of carbon emissions. The Trump administration withdrew from the Paris Accord and he said the reason for doing that was that it caused Americans to lose jobs. Trump also said that Biden's climate and environmental plan, thought to be the Green New Deal, would be a disaster for the economy costing over a trillion dollars to put into effect. This has been proven to be a fake news: as AP reports, the Paris accord to fight climate change is “based on voluntary emission reductions. No nation was forced to do anything."