Vietnam is in the grip of multiple tropical storms accompanied by torrential rainfall that resulted in floods and landslides. The disaster left behind a deadly trail of more than 100 and lost homes, livestock, and crops. The US Agency for International Development USAID confirms this, extending humanitarian aid to the region. Viet Nam Red Cross revealed to a section of the media that there had been losses on all fronts for the people. They have lost their livestock, and their homes are completely submerged. Many of them have lost their livelihoods even as they try to come to terms with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic's hardships.

The Red Cross was assisting the authorities to provide immediate relief of basic essentials by every possible means. It is a difficult exercise because of breakage in road communication and destruction of infrastructure that have left the authorities with very little Travel options. The area is set to face another tropical storm by this weekend. It could bring with it more rainfall and add to the miseries of the people.

ABC AU quotes Viet Nam Red Cross admitting to the media that things could deteriorate because of predictions of many more typhoons and storms. The International Federation of the Red Cross IFRC added that the flooding was another disaster people have to face after COVID-19.

The humanitarian crisis from floods in Vietnam

The unprecedented floods in Vietnam have led to a crisis. The IFRC mentioned about providing approximately $460,000 in aid relief so far. It seems the requirement will have to take care of hundreds of thousands of people. ABC AU says they need basic items for survival. These are necessary to prevent a major humanitarian crisis.

It is understandable because of damages to infrastructure that have left people isolated since mudslides have blocked the roads. Recovery will be a time-consuming affair, and the authorities will have to work out recovery plans. Many people have lost their near and dear ones. In August 2018, flash floods on the East Coast led to residents' evacuation and closure of roads.

Incidentally, floods can happen anywhere because it is linked to climate. This is an unpredictable element.

Many soldiers perished in the floods

According to Al Jazeera, heavy rains in Vietnam led to floods and landslides, and more than 100 people have lost their lives. There were a large number of soldiers among the dead. The deadly mudslides buried their barracks. Many people are missing; they include construction workers presumed buried in landslides. Thousands of homes are submerged and crops damaged, while poultry and livestock animals have perished in the climatic disorder. In February this year, floods in New Zealand left tourists stranded.

The floods have blocked roads and cut power

The main casualties of the floods are road transportation and electricity.

In such situations, electric poles getting uprooted, and the power supply breaks down. Renewable Energy can become a lifesaver. People are on rooftops waiting for rescue teams to arrive. They face a shortage of food and appear helpless. Al Jazeera says an official of the Vietnam Red Cross Society described the floods as "some of the worst we have seen in decades." She adds the floods have affected the livelihoods of millions of people. There is misery all around, with homes, roads, and infrastructure submerged. A senior official at the IFRC added – "These floods are the last straw and will push millions of people further towards the brink of poverty." Vietnam's weather agency cautioned about another tropical storm likely to hit the region again and worsen the situation.