Are we on the verge of seeing history between North And South Korea? In recent reports, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been taking steps toward a peace agreement with South Korea. A historic moment took place recently with the North Korean leader's meeting with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in.

In what was building up to be a very tense moment, a bit of joking occurred between the two leaders when Kim Jong-un mentioned nuclear missile testing and Moon Jae-in's quality of sleep no longer being impaired. The tension-breaking comment seemed to set the stage for what many are hoping is a drive toward peace.

Here are the latest details of what looks to be a peaceful resolution being established between the two sides.

Kim Jong-un sets foot in South Korea

A recent BBC report indicated that Kim Jong-un became the first leader from North Korea to have stepped into South Korea since the Korean War ended back in 1953. The move came months after North Korea had seemed like they were moving toward war with their neighboring country. As Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in met at the border between the two countries they shook hands and smiled -- almost seeming like old friends.

The big moment symbolized a crossing over the military border and a "starting point" for establishing peace between the two nations. Mr. Kim even had Moon Jae-in step across the North Korean border briefly as well.

From there, the two began their summit which also featured a ceremonial pine tree planting. The tree was planted using soil and water from both countries and marked with a stone which was inscribed with: "Planting peace and prosperity."

This important meeting marks the first one between the two nations in a decade as they look to resolve their differences in a peaceful manner.

Mr. Kim even wrote in a guestbook "A new history begins now" as a way to show he is working toward a better resolution.

Missile testing & sleep

Just last week, another major announcement came as Mr. Kim said he had ordered nuclear missile tests to be suspended. This is expected to be part of the talks, although many people are skeptical that any progress will be made toward ending the nuclear weapons program in North Korea, and you can't blame them.

North Korea has made moves in the past, leading others to believe that they were willing to change, only to go back on their word time and time again. Hopefully this time is a different story.

In a lighthearted moment, the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un even cracked a joke regarding the missile testing. The Hill reported via the Associated Press that Mr. Kim said, "I will make sure not to interrupt your sleep anymore" with reference to the halted nuclear testing at the moment.

U.S. President Donald Trump also tweeted out a message of hope earlier on Friday regarding the talks that are going on in the countries. President Trump said in his tweet that he believes the Korean War will end and all of the people of the United States should be proud of what is going on in Korea at the moment.

This seems like a great step toward building what everyone wants, world peace.