In the past week, we have seen a massive surge in people standing in solidarity with the victims of the Florida school shooting, which happened on February 14 and voicing their opinions towards the loose gun laws in the United States. Naturally, the President of the United States issued his condolences and began to work towards a solution to the problem. These are two of the main solutions offered by Donald Trump.

Gun control problems and solutions

Donald Trump recently voiced his opinion about how we should deal with this problem. In a recent interview, he endorsed the idea of arming teachers as a way of increasing protection for students and teachers against the threat, as well as acting as a deterrent to anyone looking to commit an act of terrorism.

Donald Trump believes that arming teachers is the necessary action that needs to be taken to ensure that all students and teachers are readily prepared in case of an emergency. He has moved away from placing more regulations on guns, such as only allowing certain types of firearms to be purchased, or carrying out extensive background checks on the people looking to purchase the weapons in the first place.

The main issues that people have voiced about gun regulations in the United States aren't over how many guns there are, but are instead about who is able to purchase them. The right to own firearms, for all United States' citizens, is protected by the second amendment to the United States Constitution.

This means that the right to bear arms is a right for all people, regardless of their mental health. However, this does not restrict people, whose mental health is questionable, from purchasing a firearm themselves.

Donald Trump has also shared what he believes to be the main cause of all of the shootings in recent American history in a recent press interview.

The reason for mass shootings

In a press interview, Donald Trump shed light on the violence that we are exposed to in our current day, pointing the finger at video games and violent television for inspiring violent behavior in our young. He believes that violence in the media is the driving factor for the violence seen in the current day.

Trump believes the combination of the violence shown on television screens, combined with the fact that enough people aren't armed, are the two main contributing factors to America's plague of horrific shooting incidents and acts of terrorism.