In 1948 the United Nations by an overwhelming majority authorized the establishment of an Arab and Jewish state in Palestine. The Arabs rejected the proposal outright, and five Arab armies attacked the newly born tiny Jewish state with the intent to annihilate the Jews. The Jews miraculously were the victors in that war, and the Arabs suffered a humiliating defeat. Since then the Arabs in general and the Palestine Arabs, in particular, have been opposing the state of Israel.

Donald trump when on the election trail had promised that Jerusalem would be recognized as the capital of Israel and the embassy shifted there from Tel-Aviv.

Once firmly ensconced as President, he has gone about fulfilling his campaign promise. News week has now reported that a decision has been taken to shift the embassy to Jerusalem as early as May this year to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Jewish state.

Embassy shifting

By this act, Trump has ignored the protest of Arab leaders. He took the decision on December 6 last year and set the ball in motion to shift the embassy. The Palestine Arabs are incensed and have termed the day of shifting of the embassy to Jerusalem as the “Day Of Disaster.”

Trump is the first president who has carried out this decision, which had been kept in abeyance by earlier Presidents, so as not to annoy Palestine’s and Arabs in the hope that a peaceful solution could be hammered out.

But the Palestine Arabs have not shown any sign that they are interested in a peace treaty and recognition of Israel as a sovereign state. Trump has thus acted with an iron resolve, something earlier presidents never did and ordered the shifting of the embassy.

Arab protests

Israel's domestic security service Shin bet has reported that Palestine Arabs have responded with weekly protests and the terror groups like Hamas have intensified their attacks against Israeli soldiers and civilians.

Trump has ignored the protests, and the shifting of the embassy is going ahead. It is learned that a key Trump donor, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson will fund part of the expenses that will be incurred on shifting of the embassy.

Last word

Washington already has a consulate at Arnona in Jerusalem, and the ceremonial ribbon cutting may take place on May 14.

This will be 70 years after Israel was created. This period of seven decades has seen the Arabs states attacking Israel thrice and each time suffering a humiliating defeat. In 1967 the defeat was so catastrophic that the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nassar had to go into hiding.

In a way, Trump is correct as recognition of Jerusalem as capital or not does not affect the peace process as the Arabs just want to obliterate the existence of Israel.