Students from Douglas High School, the site of the most recent horrific mass shooting, are planning a march for Gun Control in Washington D.C. The march is scheduled for March 24 and they plan to target the National Rifle Association and every lawmaker that takes funding from them.

The march is gaining traction all over the country, from middle school to college campuses. As a strong advocate of the second amendment, President Trump campaigned on never taking away the right to bear arms and he has also criticized the FBI for failing to properly act on tips about suspicious behavior, including the report made against the Parkland shooter.

Students fire back against lawmakers

According to Time, one student who went to Douglas High School said the adults were playing around, while they were losing their lives. Students in the area took part in a gun control rally in Florida, where they carried signs that read "thoughts and prayers are not enough." Students are hoping the rally will make gun violence victims and their families a priority to the government.

Douglas High students, according to NBC News, spoke to state officials and shared their thoughts on what needs to be done.

According to the rally's website, every kid going to school is living in fear and wonders if each day might be their last. Women's March organizers are planning a walkout on March 14 in response to gun violence.

Students planning walkout in response to gun violence

The organizer EMPOWER on Twitter said they are planning a walkout to begin at 10 a.m. in each time zone to last for 17 minutes, which represents the 17 victims that were killed in Parkland. Broward County Public Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie appeared on NBC Sunday and praised the students for their activism and response to the tragedy.

Attendees and planners of the march want to have a comprehensive piece of gun control legislation immediately delivered to Congress to address gun issues in the country. Nothing is more critical than swift passage of legislation that tackles gun violence issues that continue to plague the country.

A Connecticut student is planning a national student walkout for April 20th, which is the 20th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting, which left 12 students dead, along with one teacher. Students are planning the walkout to give teens a chance to be heard, with the majority of these young people not old enough to vote.