2017 continues to be a memorable year for popular Hallyu or Korean Wave couple rain and Kim Tae Hee. Back in January, the two tied the knot in matrimony. Soon after, it was announced they would be welcoming their first child into their family just 15 weeks into Tae Hee's pregnancy.

Pertaining to having their first child, the long wait is over. After approximately nine and a half months, Rain and Kim Tae Hee welcomed a baby girl into their family. But now that their "Little Princess" is born, what will the they do in the aftermath?

Mommy will be taking some time off from promotions for the "Little Princess"

The news of Rain and Kim Tae Hee's baby was made known about four days ago on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 when the former posted an update on his official Instagram account. It showed a picture of a pair of cute white and pink booties. The caption reads when translated into English, "Thank you, she's beautiful! We'll raise her to be a child who helps the world."

As for what the parents will do now that their daughter is here, Kim Tae Hee will be taking time off to raise her baby. According to a representative of her agency Lua Entertainment, they said that Tae Hee will focus only on her baby for awhile and that specific promotional activities have not been planned.

For Kim Tae Hee fans, especially those who love her K-dramas, the announcement of her taking an extended of period of time off to take care of her daughter is bittersweet. They love the fact she is with her child but are sad they won't see anything new from the popular Hallyu star.

Her last movie role was back in 2010 when she played Choi Seung Hee in "Iris: The Movie," while her last K-drama role was back in 2015 when she played Han Yeo Jin in the popular Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) medical series opposite Joo Won, "Yong Pal."

Mommy may be on hiatus but Daddy will still be working!

Rain, on the other hand, will be the "source of income" while his wife Kim Tae Hee is at home as mommy.

Right now, he has to major projects he'll be concentrating on. Firstly, he will be releasing his comeback album within the next two months. Hype for said comeback has been going around since he released his comeback single produced by Psy (known for "Gangnam Style") titled "The Best Present" back in January 14, 2017.

Presently, many are looking forward to his role as mentor in the upcoming idol rebooting variety show on the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) called "The Unit." Unlike other music variety shows like "Produce 101" or "Show Me The Money," this show intends to give another chance to K-pop idols who already debuted but failed to gain the spotlight.

At the end of the day though, Rain cannot wait to be next to his baby girl. In a final statement by the representative of Lua Entertainment, they said Raid is "glued next to his daughter." Congratulations to the beautiful couple on becoming parents!