A section of the United States military top brass feels the best option to tackle the emerging threats from North Korea is to carry out a ground invasion. The objective should be to locate and destroy its infrastructure related to Nuclear Weapons.

A couple of Democratic congressmen are worried about the probable casualty figures, and the Pentagon has responded by saying that South Korea could come in the direct line of fire because of its proximity. Seoul, the capital of the South, has a population of 25 million and is close to the demilitarized zone.

There would be a danger to the people, and loss of lives even if artillery is used.

Probable losses being assessed

Daily Mail UK reports that the military strategist are evaluating the extent of losses, and weighing all the pros and cons of a nuclear attack by North Korea if it targets its neighbor. The Pentagon has undertaken the exercise in response to a letter from two Democratic congressmen who made queries on the subject.

The military has not minced their words and said that attacks carried out on heavily populated areas of South Korea will result in large-scale loss of lives. The numbers would depend on various factors including the preparedness of the defense mechanisms of the United States and South Korea.

It is, therefore, necessary to neutralize the nuclear weapon set-up of North Korea. These are believed to be concealed in underground facilities, and a ground invasion could help to locate and render them ineffective.

The lawmakers want answers

The situation in North Korea appears to be gradually spiraling out of control, and lawmakers are worried.

In the case of a ground invasion to counter the threats of a nuclear attack, the casualty figures would be unimaginable in the initial stages of fighting. The lawmakers want people to realize the fallout of a nuclear war in military action. In their opinion, the Trump administration has to discuss all the relevant aspects before engaging in another war.

They also want the President to ensure that peace initiatives are taken up instead of provocative statements, and the lives of US troops are not put at risk. However, on arrival in Japan for his 12-day Asian trip, President Donald Trump talked tough. He reiterated that the United States and its allies were united in their resolve to tackle any threats.

The cauldron is boiling in the Korean peninsula. America has its warships in the region and conducts joint military exercises with its allies. North Korea treats these as US efforts to overthrow the regime of Kim Jong-un and retaliates by sending missiles flying over Japan. It has apparently developed an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) bomb which could devastate America. Obviously, a war appears imminent unless the leaders try to arrive at a decision through across-the-table discussions.