The move by Trump, the US president, to endorse the arrest of ministers, investors, and royals in a crackdown on corruption in Saudi Arabia has led to mixed reactions from people. Trump's consent shows the cordial relationship that Saudi Arabia and the US enjoy.

Convivial relations

The relations between the two countries has continued to flourish since Trump ascended to power. Analysts have attributed the cozy relationship to their common interest, which is working together to deal with Iran; a nation considered “common foe" to both nations.

Following the recent arrests of wealthy and popular individuals in Saudi Arabia, Trump affirmed the close ties with the country by applauding the move through a post in his Twitter account.

The tweet, which has been criticized by different quarters in both administrations, affirms the close ties enjoyed by both nations.

More power and better ties with the west

The operation that was recently undertaken by Mohammed bin Salaman, to arrest people considered a threat to his ascension to the throne, may be termed as a move to secure his position. The arrests were made on basis of corruption as alleged by the government. However, the move was supposed to send a message to Salama's foes that he was the supreme leader of the land.

At the same time, some people want to believe that it was instigated by the west in a bid to strengthen ties with the country. The arrest of Alwaleed Bin Talal, a great critic of Trump, seems to be politically motivated. The move comes just weeks after Jared Kushner, Trump's son-in-law, visited Mohammed bin Salaman.

Trump’s approval of the actions by the Salaman through his twitter account has further raised eyebrows.

The tweet further articulated the point of view that Kushner had a hand in Salaman's decision to make the arrests. However, the White House denied the allegation stating that Kushner’s visit to Saudi Arabia was on official government business related to peace talks between Israel and Palestine.

Saudi Arabia's take on corruption

Alwaleed bin Talal, a great critic of Trump’s campaign, and one of the richest princes of Saudi Arabia was among the people arrested in the sweep. His name is quite popular within the precincts of Wall Street because of his interests in Twitter and Time Warner. He is perceived to be the face of Saudi Arabia's business due to his immense wealth accumulated from business ventures in Saudi Arabia and beyond. His net worth is estimated at $17 billion.

Other people who were arrested with Alwaleed bin Talal include Khaled Al Tuwaijri, Waleed Al Ibrahim, and Miteb bin Abdullah, who is a royal prince who was also stripped off his ministerial position on the National Guard docket. This was considered to be a strong and influential position in the Saudi Government, and Salaman ought to face criticism from Miteb’s sympathizers.