The next big Korean movie, or K-movie, is on its way to the United States thanks to Well Go USA with #OnDemandKorea (ODK) working as a media partner. This month, "#Along with the Gods" will air in the North American box office. Some spoilers are revealed below in descriptions of the plot for the film. A report by OnDemandKorea has provided a lot of the information revealed in this article.

The K-movie for the holiday season

"Along with the Gods," also known as "Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds," is a South Korean fantasy drama film officially releasing at their box office with the first part on December 20.

Fortunately for the North American box office, specifically in the United States and Canada, the highly-anticipated K-movie will also release in their respective box offices. On December 22, the movie will be available in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, and others.

Other cities will get the movie in their theaters next year in January. It is unknown if the release includes part one and part two of the movie as it is more than two hours long, but it is at least guaranteed the first part will be played in theaters.

Seven trials decides eternity

Starring Ha Jung Woo, Cha Tae Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, and Kim Hyang Gi, "Along with the Gods" is about a firefighter who has suddenly died. He is escorted by three guardians as they help defend him in seven trials over the course of 49 days.

In these trials, the firefighter will be judged for his sins. If his sins are minimal and he lived a noble life, he gets to be reincarnated. On the other hand, if he is found guilty, a far worse eternity awaits him.

On the other hand, the three guardians who escorted and defended the firefighter in trials might be given the chance to be reincarnated if they succeed in winning for 49 people.

The firefighter is believed to be the 49th person who has to win.

It should also be noted the K-movie is getting a lot of attention for two of its supporting actors.

The first is Ma Dong Seok, who is famous for his role in popular K-movie "Train to Busan" and television series "Sense8" and "38 Police Squad Unit." The second is D.O. of EXO.

For more information on the upcoming North American box office release of "Along with the Gods," which includes specific cities and theaters the K-movie will release in on December 22, check out OnDemandKorea through the Twitter update provided above. As shown, they are giving away a pair of free tickets to one lucky winner. Eventually, this K-movie may end up on their streaming site, just like past K-movies like "The Battleship Island" and "The Fortress."