Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became an instant celebrity when he dropped by Jollibee, a favorite food establishment in the Philippines. He ordered the restaurant’s renowned crispy chicken during his appearance at the ASEAN regional summit in Manila, local news agency reported.

Aside from taking photos of grabbing the meal, Trudeau also chatted with the locals and posed for selfies inside the popular chain. Known as Jollibee, this fast food restaurant started in the Philippines and now has established branches in various parts of the world including Canada.

He was in Manila earlier this week to attend the ASEAN summit and this was his second visit to the Southeast Asian nation.

The summit also invited United States president Donald Trump who wore the country’s national attire.

The Canadian Prime Minister was seen meeting with the locals after ordering a cup of strawberry-flavored ice cream drink along with his chicken meal. He was photographed with the entire package before he entered his car.

Fans gush over Trudeau

Just like in his home country, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a wide fan base in this Southeast Asian country since he first visited the capital for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in 2015. In fact, he even trended nationwide on social media with the hashtag “#APECHottie” and was dubbed as “the most attractive leader.”

When he returned, he was met with a crowd of representatives and children at Clark International Airport in Pampanga.

He met with the people and even gave them high fives. During his visit to the Fast Food Chain, one of the customers even asked to take a photo with him which he agreed upon “right away.”

Local senator lambasts Trudeau

The Filipinos are known for their hospitable attitude and no matter how strange people are to them, they will do their best to welcome them warmly as their guests -- except for a senator in the country who even criticized some of Trudeau’s policies.

During the summit, the prime minister was given the opportunity to deliver speeches and he discussed the human rights issues that the Philippine government has been facing. This senator, Vicente Sotto III slammed Trudeau for allegedly keeping mum on the issue of Canada’s dumping of garbage into the Philippine shores.

Sotto argued that the prime minister used the human rights issue as a “diversionary tactic” to leave out the issue on garbage disposal. In 2013, a shipment from Canada arrived in Manila ports and contained waste materials such as diapers and sanitary napkins, local newspaper Manila Bulletin reported.