One of the most popular Korean celebrity couples in Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, is officially over. Popular Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, and popular actress and K-pop idol member of Miss A, Bae Suzy, have ended their relationship after three years of dating.

According to numerous Hallyu or Korean Wave entertainment sites, news of Min Ho and Bae Suzy breaking up was first announced on a Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports on November 16, 2017 KST. In their report, they quoted an alleged insider who simply said, "Lee Min Ho and Suzy broke up recently."

JYP Entertainment, the entertainment agency Suzy is signed to, wanted to clarify of the recent report was true.

They went to Suzy herself and asked if she indeed did break up with Min Ho recently. She confirmed the relationship in which JYP Entertainment stated through a spokesperson, "We checked with her, and it is true that Suzy and Lee Min Ho have broken up."

The Hallyu community debates on the breakup

Given the fact that Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy were one of the most popular Korean couples in Hallyu, many K-pop and K-drama fans are currently giving their opinion on why they broke up. Most of the rumormongers are pursuing the route of infidelity as in Min Ho and Suzy found love in another person. The easiest person to pair both of them with would be fellow co-stars from their latest works. For Min Ho, it would be Jun Ji Hyun in "Legend of the Blue Sea." And for Suzy, it would be Lee Jong Suk in "While You Were Sleeping."

To be frank, Min Ho dating Jun Ji Hyun will most likely no be happening.

For starters, both of them were still in a relationship at the time with the latter being married and having a family. Suzy and Lee Jong Suk possibly becoming a pair has some probability if the rumors that Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye dating are not true. Still, said probability is minute simply because both are publicly acknowledged as not being in a relationship.

In conclusion, the real reason why both of them broke up is why most popular Korean celebrity couples break up: they are just too busy. With work constantly keeping them separated, the distance can result in both Min Ho and Suzy growing distant themselves.

What will the two Hallyu stars do after separating?

Now that the Hallyu community knows they are no longer a couple, Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy and move forward with their careers.

Starting with Suzy, 2017 has been a very busy year for her. She made her solo debut with her album "Yes? No?" Her featured title track song, "Pretend" was very popular and even achieved an "All-Kill" on the Korean music chart. That means she was number across all regional and the international music charts for South Korea. And just recently, her K-drama "While You Were Sleeping" concluded with an overall high average of viewership both domestically in South Korea and internationally through streaming sites.

As for Min Ho, most of his last work was done in 2016. Over the course of that year, he starred in the Chinese-South Korean-Hong Kong production movie "Bounty Hunters," was one of seven main male leads in the web drama "Seven First Kisses," and made his K-drama comeback in "The Legend of the Blue Sea." This year, he is fulfilling his inscription or mandatory military service duties in serving two years in the Korean army.