Canadian Prime Minister justin trudeau chose to show his fancy for Star Wars during the Bloomberg Global Business Forum last week. He attended the event in Manhattan wearing a pair of Chewbacca-inspired socks, Reuters reported.

The event was hosted by Melinda Gates who represented the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. Photos of the prime minister showed him flaunting the Star Wars-inspired socks while conversing with Gates.

He wore these casual-looking socks with a pair of leather shoes and a formal suit-and-tie ensemble. The socks had the faces of Chewbacca stitched on each piece.

“Chewbacca socks are an entirely different beast,” Vanity Fair said in their in-depth report. “Namely, this guy knows you’ll talk about him, and this is one way of controlling the conversation. It’s hard not to note them.”

Fashionable prime minister

This particular character in the Star Wars series is a warrior and resistance fighter who participated in the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. He is characterized by his furry hair and his friendly manner. He has been seen in various editions of the Star Wars movie series.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a self-confessed fan of the series. He has previously worn a Han Solo costume during a 2015 Halloween trick-of-treat event with his wife Sophie Gregoire, Reuters said.

Gregoire also wore a matching Princess Leia outfit during the event.

Actor Mark Hamill was one of those netizens who participated in the Twitter conversation discussing these stylish socks. Hamill wrote that this clothing piece is one of the reasons why he loves Trudeau.

The prime minister sent a reply to the actor. He said, “Thanks, Mark.

Sadly those haven’t fit in a while.” He also added a hashtag that read, “May the force be with you.”

Stylish novelty pieces

This was not the first time that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paired his footwear with casual-looking socks.

Though not particularly clothing pieces from the popular fiction series, he has always been seeing wearing colorful novelty pieces.

Some of the events that featured him wearing these novelty apparel include his outdoor interview on “Live with Ryan and Kelly,” his meeting with French President Emmanuel Marcon, and the Vancouver Chinatown Spring Festival parade.

Some of these fashion pieces featured designs that celebrated LGBT pride, the Islamic holidays and a few general prints, Reuters further noted.