The U.S. is not alone with gun-related incidents. The latest incident happened in a bowling alley in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, U.K. at around 2:30 PM on Sunday when a gunman held two staff members hostage. Authorities safely evacuated a number of people, including children, from the bowling alley and other nearby properties in the same retail park before arresting the gunman. The two staff members were uninjured in the incident, which is not considered to be terror-related.

Man with sawn-off shotgun holds two people hostage

According to police reports, the suspect had a sawn-off shotgun when he entered the bowling alley and took the two members of staff hostage.

Police believe the gunman is either a former husband or boyfriend of one of the staff members.

When Warwickshire police arrived on the scene, they sent a tweet to warn people to stay away from the area, while they dealt with an “ongoing incident.”

Eyewitnesses spoke of the incident at the bowling alley

Eyewitnesses at the scene said they had heard a series of loud bangs, shortly before police arrived, followed by several ambulances arriving at the scene. One witnesses who was inside the bowling alley said he was coming out of a changing room with his children when they spotted the gunman, who reportedly told them to leave, saying "game over.".

Another witness told the newspaper he had seen the two staff members being held hostage.Various other witnesses give their accounts of the incident in the Guardian video below.

Anna Cain, 35, was at the bowling alley with her five young children to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. She told the Leicester Mercury they were asked to leave by a staff member.

When they asked the reason, he told them there was an armed gunman inside the bowling alley. Cain said she then saw the gunman with a sawn-off shotgun over his shoulder, adding that from that point onwards it was chaos. Cain said she ran with her family to other businesses nearby to warn them, while phoning the police.

Gunman arrested and incident is not terror-related

Police later confirmed they had arrested the gunman, who received medical treatment at the scene and was transported to a local hospital. The two staff members were uninjured and were treated for shock. Warwickshire Police Chief Superintendent Alex Franklin-Smith confirmed the arrest and went on to thank the public for their cooperation and patience during the incident.

Franklin-Smith went on to say the police were able to make a peaceful resolution to the hostage situation with no injuries to the public and went on to assure the incident was not terror-related.