A teenage boy was Shot To Death by a fellow guest at a wedding celebration in El Hamool, Egypt. The shocking video footage has been made public after 14-year-old Ayman Alaa suffered fatal gunshot wounds. A man fired a shotgun during the wedding ceremony, hitting the young boy. The practice of setting off firearms during wedding celebrations is quite common in Egypt and sometimes results in injuries and fatalities.

The incident

Video footage shows a man walking onto the stage and attempting to fire a shotgun into the air. The man was an invited guest, and this part of the celebration is all too common throughout Egypt.

Although, firing a shotgun in Egypt at gatherings is illegal.

The man was struggling to fire the shotgun and lowered it momentarily before setting it off in the direction of the bridal platform. Alaa was sitting near the bride's table and received a direct hit from the shotgun. The gunman calmly walked off stage and was not seen again on camera. Other guests rushed to help the boy, but the damage was already done.

Alaa later died at the hospital from his injuries. According to reports from Al Arabiya, the police identified the boy and released a brief statement. Alaa was from the village of Abu Sakin and had come to attend the wedding in El Hamool. It is unclear if Alaa was with the bride's family or the groom's family.

Egyptian police have not released the name of the gunman.

Egyptian weddings

Egypt is not the only country guilty of this bizarre ritual. Throughout the Middle East, the practice of firing a shotgun during a wedding ceremony is quite common. Although it is illegal, Egyptian police have not been enforcing the law in most cases.

Injuries and even fatalities have increased over the years.

Incidents have been reported in India, Jordan, and Iraq in recent years. The father of the groom was shot to death in India at a wedding in March of 2016. In Jordan and Iraq in 2015, guests were killed by uncontrolled gunfire during celebratory rituals as well. The leaders of these countries have condemned the use of firearms during weddings, but tradition runs deep.

Egyptians have not given up the practice yet. Very little information has been given to the public after this recent incident. It is unclear whether or not the gunman will be facing any charges. No statement from the the family of Alaa has been released. This fatal incident in El Hamool, Egypt will hopefully bring with it stricter regulations and harsher consequences for gunfire during weddings.