The Las Vegas Massacre, which took place on Monday at the Mandalay Bay on the Vegas Strip, is currently still under investigation. It has been reported by anonymous law enforcement officials that the shooter, Stephen Paddock, wired $100,000 to the Philippines on Sunday. This information was given to NBC and CNN.

The shooter's girlfriend, Marilou Danley, was born in the Philippines. She is currently traveling outside the United States and is a person of interest, but is not a suspect.

Stephen Paddock

The gunman was 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who was a millionaire real estate mogul.

He attacked a Las Vegas music festival with over 22,000 attendees early Monday morning. Equipped with at least 23 firearms and two homemade tripods, Paddock rained bullets down onto the unsuspecting crowd for approximately 9 minutes.

Investigators uncovered 26 other weapons at his property in Mesquite, Nevada and explosive materials in his vehicle. It has been reported that Paddock was a hunter, but his family was unaware of his incredibly dark side. His financial status is still currently under investigation as well as his involvement with the Philippines. As of now, police are saying that the gunman acted alone.

The Clark County Sheriff stated that the shooter had multiple cameras set up in his hotel room.

It is unclear whether or not the gunman recorded himself during the massacre. The FBI confiscated all digital equipment for analysis.

Officials are investigating whether or not the gunman had a connection to ISIS. The $100,000 wire transfer on Sunday is being looked into. At the moment, officials are not sure who the money was sent to.

Danley, the gunman's girlfriend, was born in the Philippines and is currently cooperating with the police. She is expected to arrive back in the United States as soon as tomorrow.

The victims

The death toll in Las Vegas is currently at 59 with another 527 injured. Victims have been sent to multiple hospitals in the area including the University Medical Centre of Southern Nevada, which took in 104 victims.

The hospital stated that 20 people were in critical condition, but most of the victims did not require surgery. Only 3 of the deceased have yet to be identified.

The gunman shot himself before police could arrest him. Officers were fired upon when they attempted to break into the gunman's hotel room. The investigation is currently ongoing.