Matilda Jones, a seven-year-old girl from Doncaster, England, was shocked to find a sword in Dozmary Pool in Cornwall. She, her father and her four-year-old sister were paddling around the lake when she found the sword. According to a September 3 report by Sam Jackson from The Essential Daily Briefing, this is the same lake where King Arthur's Excalibur was thrown after his death.

Matilda Jones found the sword while she was standing in water up to her waist. It was lying flat on the ground beneath her feet. She told her father she had found a sword but Paul Jones, Matilda's father, didn't believe she had really found one.

Instead, he thought his daughter had found a piece of fencing. He was shocked when he pulled up the four-foot-long sword from the water.

The Legend of King Arthur and Excalibur

For centuries, English folklore has it Dozmary Pool is the final resting place of Excalibur. According to legend, Excalibur was the infamous sword owned by King Arthur and he gained ownership of the sword when he pulled it from a stone. Because he was the only one who was able to pull Excalibur from the stone, he was made king.

King Arthur is believed to have been killed during the Battle of Camlann. It was the king's last wish that his sword, Excalibur, be thrown into the lake. Sir Bedivere is believed to have thrown Excalibur into the lake as requested.

Sir Bedivere tried three different times to throw the sword in Dozmary Pool. Finally, he was able to grant King Arthur's last request. When he did throw it into the lake, a giant hand rose out of the water and grabbed Excalibur. Then hand and the legendary sword then disappeared into the water.

The legend gets even more interesting.

It is commonly believed that the person who has possession of Excalibur is the rightful king (or queen) of England. If legend dictated the right of succession to the throne of England and this sword is Excalibur, Matilda Jones would be the new Queen Of England.

The sword is probably not Excalibur

Despite being found in Dozmary Pool, the sword is probably not King Arthur's famed sword.

It is believed the sword found by Matilda Jones is a prop from a movie. It is also thought that the sword the little girl found in the lake is only about 20 or 30 years old.

Even though it is unlikely the sword is Excalibur, little Matilda still has a souvenir and a great memory of her family's trip to Dozmary Pool. The Jones family took the sword home with them. The little girl now has a story she can enjoy telling her friends and family for many years to come.

Let us know what you think. Do you believe the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur? What would you do with a sword you found in Dozmary Pool?