A young mother has committed suicide after she was left without a permanent home for seven years. The woman had a young son who she had when she was a teenager and since his birth struggled to get any permanent accommodation. She had been on a housing list for seven years before she was contacted and notified that a property had just opened up as the tenant had committed suicide.

The young mother was left homeless for years

According to Metro, Danielle Carroll has committed suicide because of being homeless for seven years. Carroll was on the waiting list for a home for a long time and was finally told that she was going to be given an abandoned boarded up home.

The house had become available because the previous tenant Committed Suicide inside and the property had to be close off as part of a police investigation.

Danielle was a mother to a seven-year-old son named DJ who has never had a permanent home since his birth. According to the Herald, Margaret Carroll has informed the public that her daughter was sick with worry and believes that this is the reason that her daughter took her own life. Margaret has confirmed that Danielle's son is now living with her and her husband. She revealed that they broke the news to DJ that his mother was dead on September 3.

A friend has opened up about the loss of Danielle

According to Mns, a close friend of Danielle's, Linda Woods, revealed that the home, which Danielle was being given through the housing list, was not suitable for the young mother or her son.

Woods revealed that there had been individuals squatting in the home who were believed to be addicts. Linda revealed that there were burn marks on the doors and that all of the windows were boarded up.

Linda also stated that before Danielle took her life she was very anxious at moving into the available property. The young mother had expressed her concern over rumors of anti-social behavior and did not want to raise her son in that kind of environment.

Linda claimed that Danielle pleaded with the council to be offered another home and directly told that if she went there she would end up dead.

The public is now condemning the council for not considering Danielle’s concerns. The family are devastated at the loss of their young daughter and have asked for privacy during this difficult time in their lives.

Danielle's death is no longer being investigated as authorities have confirmed it as an act of suicide. Her parents and her seven-year-old son survive Danielle.