china has recently unveiled the world’s fastest bullet train, Inhabitat reported. The new bullet train is expected to shorten travel period between cities that usually require several hours to reach.

The new railway network will travel between China’s capital city, Beijing and another major location, Shanghai. Known as “Fuxing,” the bullet train will traverse within more than 700 miles at a speed of around 217 miles-per-hour, the report added.

The time of travel between Beijing and Shanghai usually takes more than 12 hours if travelers user their private cars.

When people use the public transport, it can take more than eight hours.

China’s new train is expected to reduce travel periods between these two Major Cities to only about four hours and 30 minutes.

Traveling between Beijing, Shanghai

China’s capital Beijing is home to some of the most remarkable attractions in the world. These include the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace and the iconic Great Wall of China.

On the other hand, Shanghai is located on the country’s central coast. The city is famous for its landmarks such as the Oriental Pearl Tower, The Bund, and the Shanghai Disneyland Resort.

According to Top China Travel, the distance by air between these two cities is around 1,000 kilometers or about 680 miles.

Riding an airplane between these locations may take only around two hours, but tickets are more expensive.

Aside from this, the prices for the airplane tickets also fluctuates almost every hour depending on the demand and supply curves. Riding trains between these major cities are considered a cheaper option.

Riding trains

There are trains that operate between Beijing and Shanghai, but these currently provide a travel time of up to six hours.

With the launch of these new bullet trains, demand for land-based travel is expected to increase.

The new train system will also provide more safety as there will be 2,500 sensors inside the platforms to prevent accidents, BBC reported. The trains are also durable and are expected to last for three decades.

The name of this bullet train, “Fuxing” comes from the vernacular language that means “rejuvenation.” Both local and international tourists in the East Asian nation prefer traveling between cities in trains rather than airplanes. Apart from the lower costs, trains have ample spaces for movement, and there are few limitations when it comes to using electronic devices, Top China Travel added further.