The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, currently have two children. But an organization based in the USA called Having Kids has publicly urged the couple to “stop having children,” Life Site News reported.

In a news article on Life Site, American organization Having Kids was cited as urging Prince William and Kate Middleton to quit bearing children, because "they should serve as role models."

The San Francisco-based organization hoped that the couple would follow their recommendation to prevent what they referred to as an "environmental disaster in the United Kingdom."

For family planning

“Large families are not sustainable, and family planning has the most potential for mitigating climate change and its impacts,” Having Kids stated in a letter.

According to the group, these impacts include "severe flooding, heavier rains, coastal flooding, heatwaves, diseases, wildlife extinctions and more." The group urged for family planning to take the lead in preventing the future demand on resources.

Prince William And Kate Middleton have apparently not responded to this, but previous reports mentioned that the couple still plans to have four children.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte

A few years ago, Kate Middleton gave birth to Princess Charlotte who became the new sister of four-year-old Prince George. Mercury News reported that the royal parents are planning to have a third and possibly a fourth child in the near future.

Apparently though, the couple is reportedly having a difficult time revealing to two-year-old Charlotte and her brother that they are potential claimants to the British throne.

Possibly this is because, for the time being, Kate and William are doing their best to raise their children in as normal an environment as possible.

The Mercury News report made a point to say that Princess Charlotte is “unaware” of her royal background. An insider was quoted as saying in the Mercury News article, that it is important for the two children to grow up with normal parents.

“At some point these obviously doting parents will have to break the news to Charlotte that she’s a real princess. Sure, we might think that would be a pretty cool thing to hear because it means she’ll always get to live in palaces, wear nice clothes and travel to different countries.” US Insider reported.

For the time being, it is nice to know that young Charlotte can just play at being a make-believe Princess, before the realities of adult life set in.