American President Donald Trump has stated that his administration's patience with North Korea has run out. Describing North Korea's regime as reckless and brutal, Trump urged the international community to get behind additional sanctions to deal with North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile ambitions.

Bilateral ties

Speaking at the White House flanked by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, Trump also promised to strengthen ties between the US and South Korea. Trump added that the United States and South Korea are determined to foster peace, stability, and prosperity in the Korean Peninsula.

Trump added that the United States will always look to defend itself and its allies. Moon echoed Trump's sentiments and said that South Korea would respond sternly to any further provocations from North Korea. Moon stated that South Korea and its allies would employ both dialogue and sanctions in dealing with North Korea. Moon revealed that Trump had accepted his invitation to visit South Korea later this year, but added that they had yet to agree on the best method to deal with the problems posed by the North Korean regime.

Acts of war

North Korea believes that American presence on the Korean Peninsula is a signal that the United States is trying to reignite the Korean War of nineteen-fifty to nineteen-fifty-three.

More than thirty thousand United States troops are stationed in the Korean Peninsula. United States Defense Secretary has warned that any military engagement in the region would have tragic repercussions. President Trump hopes to persuade China to put more effort in restraining North Korea. China is North Korea's principal trading partner, although of late.

Trump is frustrated that China has not taken any decisive action to bring to an end North Korea's provocative actions. China has been angered by the US decision on Thursday to place sanctions on a Chinese-owned bank and individuals. The United State's decision to approve a 1.42 billion arms sales to Taiwan has also not been well received in China.

Trade deals

During his speech at the White House, Trump also promised that his government would work towards leveling the trade imbalance with South Korea. Trump made sure that he will work a trade deal that is fair towards both the United States and South Korea. He said that the previous deal agreed by former US president was "rough," adding that he intends to renegotiate that particular deal with South Korea. Trump promised that more needs to be done to remove trade barriers.