United States President Donald Trump's decision to fire former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been met with indifference by the President's supporters. Trump's most ardent supporters believe that Bannon, a controversial nationalist who divided opinion during his time as the US President's confidante, had become an obstacle to the administration's policies.

Bannon was distracting attention from Trump

In interviews conducted by Reuters in several US cities this weekend, people who voted for Donald Trump voiced their belief that Bannon's firing on Friday was the removal of an unnecessary distraction for Trump's infant presidency.

Other Trump supporters saw Bannon's departure as inconsequential and blown out of proportion.Many supporters expect Trump to continue with his agenda without Bannon's guidance.

Bob Janda, a sixty-seven-year-old Chicago business owner, said that Bannon had morphed into a big personality, taking off the spotlight from President Trump. He stated that when a US official becomes more visible than his boss, they are bound to get dismissed. 'I think Trump will be fine," Janda opined, speaking from a pub in Chicago.

Speaking to Reuters at the same bar, sixty-seven-year-old Frank Cardone pointed out the fact that Bannon had a short tenure in President Trump's circle of close advisers, and as such, his loss will not be felt.

Cardone, a retired electrical expert, said that Bannon's departure would not be a significant loss for the Trump administration.

Bannon joined the Trump presidential campaign as its chief executive three months to last year's November eighth presidential election. Before becoming a member of the Trump campaign, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a right-leaning news organization.

After the President fired him, the nationalist immediately returned to his post at Breitbart News, promising to use the site to defend Trump.

The 63-year-old has described Breitbart as a conservative response to what he views as the liberal leanings of news organizations in the United States. He also uses the site as a platform for the cause neo-Nazi, anti-Semite, and other white supremacists movements in the US.

Bannon has been at the center of many of President Trump's most controversial political decisions such as the travel ban on citizens from several Muslim-majority countries. He was also integral to Trump's decision to turn his back on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade accord.

Trump knows what he's doing

Bannon's departure came hot on the heels of several officials who have left Trump's administration in the last one month, including spokesperson Sean Spicer. While some people see the departures as signs that the Trump administration is chaotic, others view them as an indication that the President is running his government like a business.

Sixty-year-old nurse Liz Lingafelter stated that the constant movement of personnel in the White House shows that Trump is thinking like a businessman and is making decisions he sees as best for the organization.