As the White house ramps up its efforts to deal with the #North Korean nuclear issue, a stark new reality emerges. A growing body of research and classified US intelligence about North Korean missiles and nuclear inventory that reveals how the exiled country is apparently able to create a #nuclear bomb every two months.

It is this momentum in the country's military pace that has forced the Trump administration to act or fear missing out on time. Whilst it's not possible to verify and conclude the whole of the intel, given the lack of access to North Korean facilities, Trump's sources suggest that there have been enough step-by-step advances in the past few years that have resulted in #war missiles that within a few years could potentially reach Seattle.

And now that this information is coming to light, the United States is worried about a potential real conflict, and not just a war of words.

Sixth nuclear missile in a decade

#Siegfried Hecker, a Stanford professor who was responsible for directing a Mexican weapons lab (the one where the atomic bomb was created) said that the country has learned a lot about nuclear war heads. The North Korean government has let Hecker into their high stakes workshops seven times and he says that the country is now threatening its sixth nuclear test in over a decade.

The previous three tests that the country carried out created explosions comparable to the #Hiroshima bomb. This last happened in September.

Whilst global pundits are trying to guess how President Trump would react to another test, he told some reps at the UN Security Council on Monday at the Oval Office that the US would have to be ready to pass stricter sanctions against North Korea. This should include, according to US officials, turning off the stream of energy supplies to the contested country.

On Sunday Trump described the past administrations' handling as people treating the country with kid gloves and said that now is the time to solve the problem.

These comments came after a conversation Trump undertook over the phone with #Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Sunday. Chinese media report claimed that Jinping tried to talk Trump into using a sense of restraint with his North Korean dealings.

Officials from the Oval Office and the White House didn't say much about the conversation with the two world leaders, but the New York Times revealed on Tuesday that aides are trying to make the most of Trump's unpredictability to leverage their side, since this could keep the Chinese guessing, which could in turn the deter the North Koreans from continuing in their current fashion.

The disco ball within North Korea

In official North Korean photos, the leader Kim Jong-un is seen to be almost hugging a silver metallic sphere, with small pocked circles on it, as though it were a precious piece of jewelry. It could be even more valuable, since the metallic sphere, according to experts, could potentially be a #nuclear weapon that can fit in the end of a warhead.

Nobody knows for sure if the silver 'disco ball' is a fake decorative nuclear-looking bomb or a real bomb, but what we do know is that it is propaganda for the North Koreans, which is common in April when the leader's grandfather – and the architect of the current regime – was born.

North Korea’s Growing nuclear Reach

The #North Korean missiles called the KN-14 and the KN-08 are particularly dangerous and would place most of the world zones and Western countries within reach of its dangerous nuclear missiles. It is this immediacy and potential grave threat that has the Trump administration so mobilized on the issue.