Earlier this week, Kensington Palace shared a new official photo of Prince George just in time for his fourth birthday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge couldn't be more proud of their eldest son as he reached another milestone on July 22.

After stealing the show with younger sister Princess Charlotte during their royal tour in Poland and Germany, the destined king is now taking center stage once again, this time as they celebrate his big day.

The stunning Prince

On Friday, William and Kate posted the official birthday portrait of their son on social media.

The royal couple is known for sharing adorable pictures of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, particularly on their birthdays.

Last year, George captivated the hearts of many with four candid photos of himself for his third birthday. His younger sister, Charlotte also impressed everyone with a lovely birthday portrait for her second birthday in May.

This year, Prince George has proven yet again that he is quite a stunner as he posed with his adorable gap-toothed grin and sleek golden blond hair. Chris Jackson, the royal family's official photographer, had the privilege to take the photo for the Prince's momentous day.

Jackson's photograph of George managed to show his impeccable charm and changing shape.

According to the photographer, the young prince is such fun to work with, adding that he was "thrilled and honored" to take his photo for such important event, the Telegraph reported.

"He is such a happy boy and certainly injects some fun into a photo shoot," Jackson said.

Jackson is married to the Duchess of Cambridge's personal assistant Natasha Archer.

George is just like other kids

Despite his royal status, George is still just like any typical kid as shown during their royal trip in Poland.

Just this week, a video of the royal family made waves on the internet after Prince George displayed a relatable patience-level common for his age.

In a video shared by Polish journalist Jakub Krupa, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can be seen saying their formal goodbyes with Polish dignitaries and politicians. However, Prince George was clearly not having any of it as he appeared to be bored from all the lengthy farewell remarks.

The young prince tugged his father's hand and tapped him insistently, just like a typical child impatiently wanting to leave.

Prince George even dragged him up the stairs and onto the plane. The same goes for Princess Charlotte, who adorably tried to drag her mother away from the conversation.

Prince George is now preparing to start his first year of school this fall. He is expected to attend Thomas Prep School in Battersea.