Saturday, April 29th, was the 6th wedding anniversary of Prince William and his wife Kate. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have come to another milestone in their marriage. The couple are busy with royal duties, and also raising a daughter and a son. The royal couple seem to cherish each other, and are beloved around the world.

The journey

William and Kate met in 2001, at the University of Saint Andrews in Fife, Scotland. They kept their relationship private for 2 years, and the first image of them as a couple was on a ski trip in 2004. William proposed in 2010 and the couple married in 2011.

It has been rumored that they were living together before the wedding ceremony. This is vastly different from what Lady Diana Spencer went through before marrying Prince Charles.

It was stated that Diana had to prove that she was a virgin, and she and Charles could have no hint of sexual contact prior to taking their wedding vows. Since their marriage together, Kate has given birth to an heir, prince George, who is in line for the throne, and also a daughter, princess Charlotte.

A few months back, Prince William skipped an annual royal event and went skiing with his friends. He was photographed partying, and with his hand around the waist of a woman who was not his wife. The scandal was all over British tabloids, but the royal couple do not seem to have let it hinder them in any way.

They continue to move forward in their duties as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Princess Diana and Kate

In January, the future king and his brother Prince Harry commissioned a statue in the likeness of their mother, the late princess Diana. The statue will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the death of the people's princess.

It has been said that the former Catherine Middleton is very similar to the woman who would have been her mother-in-law. Even so, Kate is showing that she is coming into her own. She attends royal functions and is ingratiating herself to the British people in her own manner.

The future

The future looks bright for Prince William and Kate.

Some have speculated that they may ascend to being King and Queen, bypassing William's father, because Queen Elizabeth does not seem ready to hand over royal duties to her son, Charles. Only time will tell.