Kate Middleton and Prince William are making headlines with their royal parenting style. The parents of Prince George and Princess Charlotte are focused on creating an environment that will allow them to express their feelings and emotions. The Duke of Cambridge has revealed in an interview with CALMzine (Campaign Against Living Miserably), a publication for a British mental health organization, what he and Kate want for their kids: "Catherine and I are clear that we want both George and Charlotte to grow up feeling able to talk about their emotions and feelings.”

The wake-up call for the royal couple

Prince William said that over the past year, he and Kate were able to visit a number of schools.

They were amazed to see children talking about difficult subjects in a “clear and emotionally articulate way.” This is something most adults would struggle to do. Seeing the children express their emotions and feelings, the 34-year-old prince felt that there was hope in having a generation who finds it normal to open up.

The news about the royal couple’s new parenting style came just after Prince Harry revealed that he shut down all his emotions after Princess Diana’s death in 1997. The young prince said that he dealt with the situation by refusing to think about his mom. Not only does it make him sad, but it also would not bring her back to life.

Three years ago, Prince Harry realized that he needed help after he has kept his emotions at bay for so long.

Together with Kate and his brother, they founded the Heads Together campaign which is focused on therapy and mental fitness as part of everyone’s life.

Kate and William will do the school run with Prince George

The Duchess Of Cambridge will take turns with the duke to drop and pick up Prince George from school every day. In September, the royal son will go to Thomas’ Battersea, a half-hour drive away from Kensington palace.

That said, the royal couple will have to brave London’s traffic every school day.

Kate and Prince William are reported to want George, 3, and soon Charlotte, 1, to enjoy as normal a childhood as possible. The 35-year-old Duchess has experienced going to a regular school, and also wants her kids to experience the same.

Parents of students going to the same prep school as George might be excited to see Kate and William at the school gates. However, there will surely be a lot of security issues that the parents and teachers will have to deal with.