"Fastest 101-year Old In the World" -- at least that's what all of her competitors call her. Man Kaur, a 101-year-Old Woman, single-handedly scored the gold at the World Masters Games in New Zealand. Nothing quite inspires the world like an elderly woman beating the odds. On April 25, 2017 Man Kaur maintained her title of fastest woman in the 100-and-up age group with a record time of 74 seconds.

A champion like Man Kaur achieves more than just kudos for a winning streak of back-to-back gold medals, she achieves the well-deserved appreciation from spectators all around the world.

Man Kaur stands as an inspiration not only to those who fear reaching old-age, but also to women in general. In this day and age inspiration and motivation are key forces that individuals need throughout the day.

Man Kaur's plans for the future

Man Kaur is truly impressive considering her late bloomer start at the age of 93-years-old. This goes to show that there truly are no excuses and that age truly is just a number. Better yet, Man Kaur does not plan to stop anytime soon, not with 17 gold medals under her belt. Man Kaur walked away as a truly happy winner. Sometimes there doesn't need to be any competition involved for a truly good race, and this was certainly one of those times.

As an inspiration to women and children all over, the crowds of spectators around her had smiles that radiated in support and awe.

How could you not? Reaching the age of 101 in and of itself deserves a level of respect, but to spend the golden years on the track is an ultimately untouchable feat. Man Kaur even motivates her children who also compete in the Master Games and will continue to do so in the future as well.

Winning makes Man Kaur happy

With the saying of "do what you love" coursing through just about everyone's mind, there's no telling what an individual is capable of in their late years competing in one of the most thrilling races of all-time.

Man Kaur loves to win for her country and she also enjoys telling others to eat right and be healthy. India has a reputation for their healthier lifestyle, considering everything from their long hair and henna traditions, to their spicy food and flawless skin. And now India has blessed us with one more trait to envy: a 101-year-old speedster bolting to the 100-meter Finish Line in only 74 seconds. I wonder if any American 101-year old women will step up to challenge Man Kaur and race her to the finish line next year.