The activities of North Korea are shrouded in secrecy and unpredictable. It claims to have mastered the art of making missiles and has developed an ICBM which can launch an attack on the United States. Pyongyang has also identified Alaska and Hawaii as two likely targets, hence the Pentagon plans to carry out testing of its Thaad Missile Defense System in Alaska.

Of course, the Mayor of Anchorage, Alaska, had indicated that he was more worried about the moose rather than any ICBM attack. As far as Hawaii is concerned, it has started to educate its people on the actions that must be taken in case of a nuclear missile attack.

Obviously, there is tension in the air because any such attack would be disastrous with large-scale death and devastation.

Strategy of the Pentagon

Fox News reports that the Pentagon has selected Kodiak Island, Alaska, to carry out another test of its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD). It would launch a rocket from a facility on the island, and the U.S. Coast Guard has warned vessels in the region to stay away from the area. The tentative date of this exercise, as informed by Pentagon spokesman Capt. Jeff Davis to a section of the media is July 29.

It may be recalled that on July 11, one week after North Korea test fired its ICBM, the United States test-fired its THAAD anti-ballistic missile system from the same Kodiak Island and it successfully intercepted a rocket that was launched from the air in Hawaii.

In the opinion of experts, North Korea wanted to make a statement with an ICBM that it had acquired the capability to target the U.S.

What is THAAD?

THAAD is a missile defense system that has been developed by the U.S. to intercept short- and intermediate-range ballistic missiles but, it does not target ICBMs. It is already positioned in South Korea and Guam to counter missile threats from North Korea and can boast of a cent percent record of hitting targets.

The system is now under test in Alaska.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford, while replying to questions at the 2017 Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado, has confirmed that the U. S. military has the ability to defend itself and its allies in the region, namely South Korea and Japan. He went on to add that the regime in North Korea is intent on pursuing its nuclear programs and has, apparently, acquired a level of expertise to launch a limited missile attack. He did not rule out any possible military options against the country but, also said that his priority is to prevent any nuclear strike on American soil.