There is a simple way to revive the mind, body, and soul. Did you know you can actually reap Health Benefits by getting in touch with your green thumb? There are so many ways to reconnect with nature and get in touch with nature. Here are just a few examples:

Health benefits from nature

You may wonder how gardening can improve your health. Well, gardening has enough benefits to make someone want to dig into the dirt. For one, gardening can reduce stress and anxiety. According to a study conducted by Wageningen University and Research Center and reported by the Journal of Health Psychology, when gardening was compared with reading on stress-reduction, gardening had an overwhelmingly bigger impact.

Turns out, digging in the dirt can be just as beneficial as digging into a healthy meal.

Gardening also decreases your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Planting healthy foods in your back yard, or on your patio, can lead you to reap the benefits of home-grown whole foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also naturally lower in sodium, which will result in a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Nature can also make you happy. Gardening can keep out the blues, provide someplace to be creative, and allow for someplace to feel proud and accomplished. The sunlight is also a great source of Vitamin D, just make sure to put on some sunscreen before you tend to your garden.

Nature will keep your mind sharp.

According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, physical activities including gardening can cut your risk of Alzheimer's by 50 percent.

Gardening helps you sleep better. There is something about getting some dirt under your fingernails and feeling nature at your fingertips that give you a good night's sleep.

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With reduced stress levels, it will be much easier to fall asleep and get to dreaming about your lovely garden.

What are the ways to fully get in touch with your green thumb?

Clearly, a garden has many health benefits, but how else can you get in touch with nature?

1. Plant a garden in your kitchen. the next time you finish drinking from a plastic water bottle, look at it a little differently.

If you have some dirt, fill the bottom of the water bottle with dirt, and plant some seeds in it. Water it daily, and set it in the sun on your windowsill. Soon enough, you'll have flowers growing in your kitchen. The flowers in your garden are sure to get you in touch with nature.

2. Have an "elements" day. Spend a day appreciating the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. You can include these elements in your day in all kinds of ways, for example: rock climbing, scuba diving, flying paper airplanes, and roasting marshmallows- campfire style. I know you'll think of more! These activities in your day are sure to make you feel like you are one with nature.

3. Look up. Maybe figuratively, but also literally.

Thinking about the bright sides of life is great, but watching birds fly above can make just about anyone feel down-to-earth. Stargazing is a great way to change your perspective of life as well. When you take a minute to cherish the grand beauty of the sky above, suddenly our problems feel smaller. With that, you can't help but feel fully aware of the nature all around.

4. Look down. Literally, once again. If you've ever read Walden by Thoreau, Ants may or may not seem so fascinating. However, rather than analyzing the ants and the way they function, maybe just take a moment to appreciate the existence of the creatures that exist aside from humans. The plants and animals all around are perfect examples of the nature we can get in touch with.

5. Do yoga outside. This may seem intimidating, but I have not yet met an individual who could not perform a downward dog, or a child's pose (which are both easy and satisfying poses). Show your body some love, and you'll also be showing nature some love. So, it will be an honor to both your body and the natural world.

There are ways for everyone to get in touch with nature, and it is sure to make your life that much healthier. Enjoy your garden, and I promise you won't regret the minutes you spend staring at the sky.