Tom Cruise is a busy actor and after his latest film “The Mummy” he is now busy with ‘Mission: Impossible 6’. He is now in New Zealand for the sixth episode of the blockbuster series “Mission Impossible” which is a brand that is always a treat for his fans. They wait expectantly for what he cooks up next, and it never fails to become a hit.

Iraq will be replicated in New Zealand

New Zealand reports that Tom Cruise has come to Queenstown where some pending portions of the film “Mission: Impossible 6” are to be filmed. It seems the directors want to replicate the countryside of Iraq in New Zealand and have chosen a location that they feel appropriate.

It is at Duffers Saddle, near Cromwell and the area has already been cordoned off to ensure foolproof security for the team. It seems promotion photographs of the sets have been released and military installations are visible in these photos.

The actor is not new to New Zealand because he had been here in 2002 while filming “The Last Samurai.” Locals remember him for his charm and recall an incident when he rose to the occasion and helped a stranger who was stranded on a country road – he changed the tyre of the vehicle.

Incidentally, he had been here recently to promote his movie “The Mummy” and had assured that he would return. He has kept his word, and his duration of stay in Queenstown would be approximately one month.

Jim Boult, the mayor, is delighted that Tom Cruise has chosen this spot for “Mission: Impossible 6” and revealed that it was the second big budget film in the area this year.

About the movie

“Mission: Impossible 6” will follow the exploits of superspy Ethan Hunt and is planned to be shot in locations spread out over Paris and London apart from New Zealand.

This has been revealed by Skydance Media CEO David Ellison. He has added that, while the series is famous for its actions, the coming installment could steal the show. Tom Cruise is a perfectionist and has been training for a year for the role. In fact, he started his training right after Rogue Nation.

Christopher McQuarrie who had directed Rogue Nation will direct “Mission: Impossible 6” also.

Among the stars are Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, Alec Baldwin, Sean Harris and Henry Cavill and the movie is scheduled for release on July 27, 2018.

Any spy movie has a special appeal for the audience and when there are latest gadgets involved to reach the goal with no holds barred, it becomes all the more interesting. That is what the Mission Impossible series does. The storyline gets the viewer hooked and as the story unfolds, Tom Cruise and his team of tried and tested actors keep the audience spellbound with their fast paced action and superb acting skills. The audience remains glued to their seats and keep wanting more and more.