No makeup is the best makeup, or at least that has been Alicia Keys' mantra lately. Has anyone else had enough of their makeup? Let's not pretend that skipping the morning makeup routine wouldn't be nice now and then. Makeup takes so much time, money, and effort it makes sense to just toss it all aside. Makeup is great and has become an art form to some extent, but it turns out there are plenty of benefits to trading your makeup kit for a facial scrub and some sunscreen. Find out how your Natural look can become your best look.

The natural beauty movement

When and where did this fad start? Well, it is hard to pinpoint an exact place, but it is clear to pinpoint when the blowup of this trend happened. It happened when celebrities started to realize that women deserve to feel empowered and love themselves. Celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Alicia Keys, and Gwyneth Paltrow are stepping up to the plate with bare faces.

This movement ties to women reclaiming beauty. Self-acceptance has a high value and is a key element to feeling beautiful. What better way to love yourself than to walk around without makeup knowing that what the world sees is the true you! Now, Alicia Keys did not throw all of her makeup in the trash, and neither should you, but it would not hurt to rock your no makeup look out and about.

Invest in a good skin care product that will make your face radiate without any contour or highlight.

Indeed, you were born into this world with all the essentials you need. If you had come into this world with a full face of makeup, then it would make sense to encourage that for the rest of your life. However, society has tricked women into thinking that they must look a certain way, and it just isn't true.

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The message celebrities are aiming to reinforce is for women to feel comfortable in their own skin, not just their bodies, but their faces too.

Alicia Keys is giving makeup a break and you should too

Women are free to embrace their unique, natural features with this new beauty trend. Less is more!

There is absolutely nothing better than being complimented while walking around without makeup on.

You won't even have to question whether they are complimenting your makeup skills, style, or just you. You'll know it's you. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about spending half an hour perfecting your wing line for once. Yes, you look amazing every time, but you look even better when you show off your freckles. Although genuine compliments and the time you're bound to save is certainly tempting enough to influence a makeup breakup decision, there are more benefits.

Imagine how many moments you'll be able to enjoy laughing and crying without sweating about your makeup. Picture yourself casually collapsing on your couch after work, and having no worries about what might happen to your couch if you brush your face against it. The benefits go on and on, and skipping makeup for a day will certainly leave you satisfied. Even if it is only the one day, join Alicia Keys, and give your natural look a try.