A few days ago Jarnail Singh, 42, ended up in the The Corporate Hospital in Gurdaspur. He was admitted with complaints of weakness and pains in his abdominal area.Surgeons at the hospital discovered why Singh was in pain. He actually swallowed not one knife and not two, but dozens. In fact, he swallowed 40 knives in a span of two months because he liked how they tasted.

Doctor Jitinder Malhotra was one of the five surgeons who operated on Singh. He said it was one of the most dreadful surgeries he has ever seen in the last two decades of practicing.Initially, the doctors thought Singh may have had a tumor present in his stomach.

However, when they received the biopsy report, that's when they found metallic substances, which turned out to be knives.

The doctor said when they placed the camera inside Singh, they found metallic materials present in his stomach. Shards of blades and woods is what was in those materials. He said they then asked Singh if those were knives, and Singh told them he had urges to swallow them. Singh told the doctors he actually swallowed almost 30 knives.

Apparently Singh has a psychological disorder. The disorder caused him to have an urge to swallow knives, according to Dr. Malhotra.Dr. Malhotra described the ordeal as unnerving. He said he has never seen anything like this before. Nonetheless, the surgerywas successful but it took around five hours to complete.

As for when Singh is expected to be discharged, it could be within the next few days.

Not the first odd surgery story

Having knives removed from your stomach may be out there but there are other stories of surgerythat are not the norm. This includes a Welsh woman who had an earache. It turned out it was a live spider in her ear, so the doctors removed it.Earlier in the year, a British woman was admitted to the hospital and doctors discovered there was a massive hairball in her stomach. It was actually there for seven years. The woman suffered form a disorder that caused her to eat her own hair.