During an interview with a section of the media, Choe Il , ambassador of North Korea to the U.K., has said that his country has been living under the threat of sanctions for the last sixty years and the word has lost its seriousness to them. He has gone on to add that the United States can pick up a fight with only the weak countries like Libya and Afghanistan and not with North Korea. It is determined to conduct its sixth Nuclear Test which will be scheduled by Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader, at a time convenient to him.

North Korea puts up a bold front

Sky News reports that, during the interview, North Korea’s Ambassador Choe Il reaffirmed his country’s resolve to go ahead with its ballistic missile and nuclear programs irrespective of consequences. He dismissed UN sanctions imposed on his country as having no legal grounds. When he was asked a pointed question on the possibilities of America resorting to direct action by the U.S. military, he replied that North Korea was developing its nuclear capabilities to give a fitting reply to actions of this type by the U.S.

On the subject of pre-emptive strike on his country, he indicated that any such attack by the United States would be suicidal for them because, in such a scenario, all the American assets in the region would be destroyed.

He also clarified that Pyongyang’s desire to have nuclear power is a result of the hostile policy of the U.S. and is intended to protect peace in the Korean peninsula.

South Korea may queer the pitch

The equation in the Korean peninsula has suddenly changed because of President Moon Jae-in taking over. He is the new president and is keen to resolve differences with his Northern neighbor.

He wants to herald in a new era of peace and harmony which is uppermost in his mind. In his opinion, the attitude of confrontation has not had any positive effect on North Korea and it has continued to pursue its nuclear ambitions and kept on adding to its nuclear arsenal. Hence, he wants to have warmer ties with Pyongyang.

Obviously, with such sentiments being expressed by South Korea, it would be necessary for White House to rethink its strategies because the United States wants to impose still more sanctions on North in case it goes ahead with the sixth nuclear test.

However, a change in attitude on the part of Seoul could increase problems for the Trump administration. It would be a major worry for America because its close association with Seoul has been there for decades and suddenly such a change in its perception could have a direct effect on the future dealings of the U.S. in the region. It has already positioned the THAAD missile defense system in Seoul and carries out regular joint exercises with the army of South Korea because it wants to maintain a presence in the region. Under the circumstances, if Seoul goes weak at the knees, it would have an adverse effect on the interests of the United States.