US intelligence have issued a travel advisory to American tourists visiting the Philippines to be cautious of possible terrorist activity in the country. The US embassy in the Philippines received an Intel report of possible terrorist and ISIS activity in the islands.

Philippine president Duterte wants citizens to kill terrorists on sight

President Rodrigo Duterte, after receiving the US travel advisory told reporters that people can kill terrorists on sight. He also urged people to arm themselves and do everything they can to kill terrorists without mercy.

He also advised not to wound terrorists that they are brought to hospitals, but to ensure their deaths. This was the Philippine president's statement before he departed off for an official visit to Cambodia.

The travel advisory will mean a blow to tourism in the country, especially as the major tourist spots in the Philippines will be off limits to foreign visitors.

How will the US respond to possible terrorist cells in the Philippines?

trump has always been adamant on his bid to eradicate ISIS and jihadists from this Earth. However, many are not sure how will he accomplish such a task, which he too also said was impossible. At the moment, President Trump is slowly getting the US entangled into another conflict in Afghanistan as he contemplates on a plan drafted by the Pentagon to send thousands of US troop to the country to eliminate ISIS.

Though one of Trump's campaign promises is to stop nation building policies in the Middle East. his actions speaks louder than words. The President didn't reprimand the military's decision to drop the MOAB in Afghanistan, making it a subtle nod of approval on a more "hands on" approach in the Middle East.

Today, the Philippines is among the countries where ISIS cells are known to exist.

A visiting forces agreement is in effect with Manila and Washington, which allows US troops to conduct exercises in the country. However the current Philippine president has cut the number of American troops to a handful from thousands during the last administration. This makes it hard for the US military to eradicate terror cells in the country.

What is the reaction of other South East Asian countries including China?

Indonesia is working closely with the Philippines in riding the area of terrorists. However, the massive territorial entry points in both archipelagos makes such a task almost impossible. US vessels have been sighted to patrol the area due to the joint drills agreement with the Philippines but it is still not enough.

China on the other hand is warming itself up to the Philippine president to conduct its own joint drills with the island nation. Though congress has to approve such an agreement, it may be that the US will lose influence in the entire South East Asian region in the immediate future.