Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, appears to be a person who lives in a dream world surrounded by a dangerous arsenal of nuclear weapons, and he has impressed US President Donald Trump to such an extent that he has described Kim as a "pretty smart cookie."

How Donald Trump sees Kim Jong-un

According to BBC, President Donald Trump feels that since Kim Jong-un had to take over power at a very early age, he was forced to deal with "some very tough people." Most of them were his own people and he eliminated his uncle just two years after coming to power and is also believed to have ordered the recent killing of his half-brother.

His ruthless dealings with people has hardened his stance and in view of the escalating tension over the country’s nuclear programs, some people have doubts regarding the stability of his mind. However, in the opinion of Trump, Trump has labeled him as a pretty smart cookie. When Trump was asked in an interview about Pyongyang’s second failed missile test and why the missile launches were unsuccessful, Donald Trump preferred not to discuss the subject.

The future plans of North Korea

If rumors are to be believed, North Korea is going all-out for miniaturization of its nuclear warheads and this is an ominous sign because these can easily be installed on long-range missiles that can target the United States.

The Korean peninsula is already tense with military exercises and with the arrival of American warships, the waters are more crowded. To add to the tension, the Americans are installing an anti-missile system in South Korea as security against North Korea. Pyongyang has branded the U.S. involvement as a military provocation that could lead to serious consequences.

Kim Jong-un has already conducted several missile tests in the recent past and threatened to go ahead with its sixth nuclear test. President Donald Trump is non-committal on the issue of the action he would take in case that happens, but, he counts on Chinese President Xi Jinping, an ally of North Korea, to persuade Pyongyang to put a stop to its plans.

Trump relies on Xi Jinping to find a solution because no one wants a war that will involve millions of people and the loss of lives. He had, once been critical of China on the trade front, but, in his opinion, North Korea is a more important matter and he wants China with him.