North Korea has unsuccessfully fired another ballistic projectile from the north of the capital Pyongyang on Saturday, which split shortly after it was launched and dropped into the Japanese Sea, an unnamed US official said.

The estimate was that the mid-range ballistic missile KN-17 did not go beyond the boundaries of the country. Testing came at a time when the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned the United Nations Security Council (UN) that not reacting to the nuclear and ballistic missile programs in that country could lead to "catastrophic consequences".

US and South Korean officials said the test did not seem to have succeeded, which is the fourth failed test since March. The official said that Trump's administration could respond to the latest failed missile test of North Korea by speeding up its plans to introduce new sanctions against Pyongyang. Those sanctions could include measures against specific North Korean and Chinese entities as well as deploying more ships and planes in the region for the demonstration of force.

Donald Trump about launch

Donald Trump on Twitter said that the launch was "bad" and that it disparages a Chinese President Xi Jinping, the closest ally of North Korea.

He previously pointed out that South Korea would have to pay the cost of the US THAAD anti-missile defense system, which is estimated at a price of a billion dollars.

He estimated that North Korea was the world's biggest challenge and commended Chinese President Xi Jinping for trying to influence Pyongyang

The Trump Administration has declared North Korea an acute threat to national security and the priority of the foreign policy. The US president said he is focusing on economic and diplomatic pressures, including Chinese cooperation and influence on Pyongyang.

The first time the entire system was closed due to missile launch

One of the largest underground railways in Tokyo closed all lines early in the morning because of the missile threat, the world media reports. Metro was shut down for 10 minutes this morning because of the warning that North Korea will launch the missile.

A subway station official said the temporary stoppage had an impact on a total of 13,000 passengers.

The lines were closed at 06:07, and the metro continued to work at 6:17 am when it was estimated that there was no danger to Japan. Takizawa also said that this was the first time that the whole system was stopped due to the launch of the missile.