If history has thought us anything, it is a fact that people cannot just "get along with each other," without conflict, resentment or tension. Even though most of its residents would like to think otherwise, the USA is not the most popular country in the world.

There are many reasons for that, starting from recent questionable economic decisions, up to growing racism, their army, exploitation of global resources to further enhance themselves, or maybe their arrogance in believing that their lifestyle is the best there is. Those reasons may be varied, but they are very real.

It has to be said that the public opinion does not dictate foreign policies from one country to another, but it can have some impact on some policy decisions those countries make toward each other.

These countries are those in which more than 50 percent of the citizens does not approve of their policies:


Slovenian people are the most hostile to the US government Over 54 percent of them do not approve of the US. This partly stems from traditionally belonging to the former Yugoslavia, which used to sympathize with the Soviet Union much more from the United States of America.


According to a survey, 47% of Germans dislike the United States, although some Germans say that they dislike the country, and not necessarily the American people.

German criticism toward the US dates back to the Second World War, when the entry of the United States broke all their chances of winning. The war in Iraq did not help, since the Germans did not support it. There are just many cultural differences between Germans and Americans. For example gun control and privacy. Germans value their privacy much more.

You can say that is some kind of love- hate relationship is going on.


Even though Egypt and the United States are long- standing trading partners, and allies in the fight against the terrorism in the Middle East, 58 percent of Egyptians are not sympathizers of the biggest global power. Since Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab world, problematic is the lack of support from their main ally.

What exacerbates it is the fact that the latest Egyptian government does not have the support of the United States and financial assistance to this country is abolished.


Most countries in this list has some Soviet or Islamic bonds, but Austria is an exception. About 55 percent of the people there do not like America, which is an increase from 46 percent in 2014. Officials in the United States have a critical view of Austria, because the country continues to trade with North Korea and Iran. Also Austria has a 70 percent disapproval rate of China.


Sometimes, for the US, helping others is not the best thing they can do for their reputation. Pakistanis believe that they can solve their problems on their own, which is why over 50 percent of them do not sympathize with the US, despite the fact that they received about 9 billion dollars of financial assistance from the United States, and three times more in military aid.


In this country about 66 percent of the population does not have a good opinion of the United States, but the Lebanese do not like other EU countries either. It seems that their animosity stems from the long-term presence of US troops on their soil, as well as the mixing of the world in their internal politics. However, Lebanese people disapproval rating of the US, did improve a bit in a 2013, which may be the consequence of US Congress approving more than 1 billion dollars that was allocated to improve security forces in Lebanon.

Palestinian territory

The level of animosity towards the Americans in this part of the world is around 72 percent, and the biggest cause is a wholehearted American support for their enemy, Israel.


Hatred of Americans in this country is no exception, but the rule - as many as 73 percent of citizens have a negative view on the US, which is seen as "thugs who always pushes the nose in other people's affairs."


It's pretty easy to understand why the Iranians are not sympathizers of America - since the terrorist crisis in 1979. However, after negotiations about starting their own nuclear programs of Iran and the agreement with the US, it seems that the hostility reduced - to only 61 percent of the population who have a negative attitude towards the most powerful country in the world.


No country disapproves of America more than Russia. Between Russia and the United States has always been a competitive spirit, and it seems that things have not changed significantly since the Cold War.

In this country, 82 percent of the population has a negative attitude towards America and their politics, and that has not significantly improved even after seemingly benevolent relations between Putin and Trump. Many Russians feel that the United States has made things worse in their country by trying to get involved in Russia’s affairs.